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Massive Meeting Moves Moogles to Mambo!

13 Sep 2012

Cloppin’ along and down, down on the range, the MHMU once again steadfastly supports the fan-favored festivals of late summer.

This year, we have strived to set up a kupo-tacular barbeque bonanza for weary wanderers to kick back and insatiably ingest grilled goodies.

What a relaxing respite from everyday expeditions! And even more magnificent, this carnivalesque cornucopia is an optimal opportunity for us to reap rewards of glittering gil, kupopopo!

…Oh dear. My candid contemplations have sordidly sullied the MHMU’s remarkable reputation.

Never mind. One meager moogle’s momentary mistake is of no certain concern to an able adventurer. After all, our fatal flaw is an inferior inability to heartily hold dutiful deliberations, kupo…

“Dutiful deliberations?” You ponder, perplexed. Right as rain! I moderated moogle meetings to decidedly determine how to publically promote this exquisite extravaganza! Depressingly difficult, I assure you… Yet this wonderful where-it’s-at will surely satisfy your yearly yearnings!

Excitedly examine the magnanimous musings of our coordination committee, kupo!