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Announcing the Mog House Decoration Contest!

10 Sep 2012

It’s been a hot summer and the moogles have been putting their heart and soul into caring for players’ Mog Houses despite this Ifrit’s Cauldron-like heat. So why not do something a bit special for them and spruce up your Mog House to keep it cool during this blistering heat wave?

Using your favorite decor and furnishings we’d like adventurers the world over to test their interior decoration and feng shui skills by arranging their Mog House layout in our first Mog House Decoration contest! We plan on holding these decoration contests regularly, but will change the theme to fit both the season and time period. With that said, we are kicking off our first contest with the theme of “staying cool in the summer heat.”

Check out the full event details on the official forum!