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3 weeks ago

Preview: Super Dungeon Designer

I enjoy quite a few games that focus and depend on User Generated Content (UGC), most prominently among them Super Mario Maker and its sequel, which took a known and loved franchise where many of us probably came up with our own ideas for levels in our dreams, and made the whole game about creating
7 months ago

Preview: Starship Troopers: Extermination

You know, there was a time when it was a safe bet that the release of a licensed game from nearly any franchise would be met with skepticism. Call it a relic of decades past, but there are some that still vividly remember seeing a game from your favorite franchise turn out to be a
7 months ago

Preview: Trinity Fusion

Every so often, my love of games trying new spins on the metroidvania formula leads me to misread a game. When I watched the first trailers for Trinity Fusion, I was expecting something in that vein. This was perhaps not entirely inaccurate, but it was mostly inaccurate. Sure, there are definitely aspects of the game
1 year ago

Offworld Industries Announces “Starship Troopers: Extermination”

The war on the Arachnid menace continous and looks to you to pick up your arms and join the Starship Troopers Forces. The newly announced game made in a collaboration between Offworld Industries and Sony Pictures is coming to Steam Early Access in 2023 with Starship Troopers: Extermination. But this war cannot be done alone,
10 Feb 2022

Preview: Achilles: Legends Untold

There’s no shortage of games that have taken inspiration from From Software’s Souls series. Following the breakout success of its second title, Dark Souls, many developers have crafted titles of similar feel and seen them across not only unique boundaries of gameplay, but unique boundaries of setting as well.
14 Jan 2022

Preview: The Anacrusis

Well, it’s time to reset the clock since I last enjoyed a horror co-op experience. Left 4 Dead and its sequel spawned a genre of co-op shooter titles. They and games like them have you take on the role of a party of characters to get them out of some dire situation. I’ve enjoyed the
13 Dec 2021

Preview: Dolmen

I swear to whatever deities you care to name, there was a time when “action RPG” did not mean that you were making a game specifically to take on Dark Souls. And I’m going to be honest here when I say that the flood of these particular titles is starting to wear on me. Now,
10 Dec 2021

Preview: Wartales

RPGs have been among my favorite games for a long time, and today we have the chance to take a look at a fairly interesting one in Wartales, by Shiro Games, now in Early Access. My quick first impression is that it leverages some elements I really like from some unlikely other games I’ve played
20 Mar 2021

Preview: Rustler

Grand Theft Auto V remains a very popular game long after its release. But have you ever played it and felt like it was just a bit too… modern? Well, for those of you who may have, Jutsu Games is trying to solve that problem with their latest game, Rustler, currently in Early Access. Being
16 Feb 2021

Preview: 30XX

Roguelikes and their ilk of varying degrees have always occupied a weird place in my life. On one hand, the skill required to keep at the “progress as far as possible and potentially ruining an entire run on a simple mistake” thing can turn a lot of more casual players off from the genre. On
26 Jan 2021

Preview: Everspace 2

I love space. Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen are two of my favorite games to play when I get the itch, but sometimes those games can be just too much though. Occasionally I need my space fix without having to use my brain too much.  Everspace 2 looks like it just might fill that gap
21 Aug 2020

Preview: Big Farm Story

Big Farm Story is something I would… hesitate to call a game. Despite being released to the public as a playable early access game, it’s devoid of content and feels more like a prototype than anything. I’ve done previews of games that were still in Early Access before, and I’m no stranger to the idea
13 Jul 2020

Goodgame Studios Leaps from Browser to Retail with Upcoming “Big Farm Story”

There just seems to be something about the farming profession that lends itself to video games. Not just games, but popular games. From Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley to the infamous FarmVille, gamers just can’t seem to get enough crop harvesting in their lives. German developer Goodgame Studios has made its name
29 Jun 2020

Preview: Danger Scavenger

I’m something of a casual fan of rogue-likes. I don’t play them heavily, but they’re always a fun diversion when I need to break up my usual gaming schedule. It doesn’t happen that often but, as luck would have it, one was placed on my figurative “desk” to try out. Here we have Danger Scavenger,
21 May 2020

Preview: Volcanoids Co-op Update

I absolutely adore crafting and survival games, especially when they focus more on the crafting than the surviving. What I adore even more is the ability to craft with friends, but multiplayer has a pretty spotty record in this genre. When I heard Volcanoids, a game I had not had the pleasure of playing yet,
7 May 2020

Preview: Arboria

Jump in the hole. Kill things. Get killed. Respawn. Jump back in the hole. The first footage I saw of Arboria at once piqued my interest and made me wary. On one level, it looked like something of a Dark Souls experience, which could be interesting… but that also highlights the fact that Dark Souls
19 Feb 2020

Preview: World of Horror

Things aren’t quite right in this 1980s seaside Japanese town. If that simple introduction rings any bells for you then this game, self-described as a love letter to Junji Ito’s revolutionary Japanese horror stories, might be for you. World of Horror is a text-based, retro-style adventure with a 1-bit or 2-bit style as a tribute
25 Dec 2019

Preview: Don’t Die, Minerva!

Haven’t you heard? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The wintertime holiday season is a time that many look forward to every year, regardless of which holiday one celebrates (if any). For some, though, their favorite holiday has already long passed. These people are already counting the days to when their preferred season