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Goodgame Studios Leaps from Browser to Retail with Upcoming "Big Farm Story"

13 Jul 2020

There just seems to be something about the farming profession that lends itself to video games. Not just games, but popular games. From Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley to the infamous FarmVille, gamers just can’t seem to get enough crop harvesting in their lives.

German developer Goodgame Studios has made its name in the mobile and browser games space with multiple simulation titles, including a series of farming games aptly titled “Big Farm.” Recently, the studio has announced they’re making the jump from browser-based titles to full retail.

Big Farm Story is set to be the studio’s first release on Steam, and will be entering Early Access soon. The title appears to be taking cues from other popular farming franchises. This release will have the player taking over their grandfather’s abandoned farm, rebuilding it and meeting various characters along the way.

Big Farm Story is now listed on Steam pending an Early Access release, planned for launch sometime in Summer 2020.

Featured image courtesy of Goodgame Studios