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Offworld Industries Announces "Starship Troopers: Extermination"

28 Nov 2022

The war on the Arachnid menace continous and looks to you to pick up your arms and join the Starship Troopers Forces. The newly announced game made in a collaboration between Offworld Industries and Sony Pictures is coming to Steam Early Access in 2023 with Starship Troopers: Extermination.

But this war cannot be done alone, and so you will be able to go into battle in groups of up to twelve players. 26 years after the cult classic movie released, this new FPS will put you in the shoes as a Trooper of the Deep Space Vanguard, with the simple mission to acquire resources, build, and defend your base of operation and of course battling Arachnids left and right.

Take a look at the newly released trailer for Starship Troopers: Extermination right here:

In the game, you will choose from three classic classes – Assault, Support, and Defense – each working to their own strengths and together building a perfect team. And building is an important part of the game; walls, towers, ammo stations and more can be set up to fulfill your missions. And throughout these missions, you can advance your classes, unlock new weapons, equipment and even perks for your classes.

All of this will be needed in the fight against the five unique bug types that you will encounter throughout the increasing threats through escalating infestation levels and large-scale battles. Learn more about the game on its Steam page and wishlist the game prior to its Early Access release now.

Images courtesy of Offworld Industries and Sony Pictures.