1 month ago

Preview: Metal Slug Tactics

There’s no way to write about Metal Slug as a franchise without acknowledging that it’s a really weird one. You can really forget that the series kicked off in 1996, because its core gameplay – run, jump, and shoot, with one hit killing your character – very much feels like a relic of a longstanding
2 months ago

Preview: Keylocker

If you think about it, cyberpunk is a weird genre. It’s not weird because it has something of a wide-open structure, although that’s definitely part of it; it’s more weird because it’s a genre that has a core concept that’s remarkably dark but can also be retooled to be fairly light-hearted by playing the same
2 months ago

Review: Qualia ~The Path of Promise~ [Switch]

All right, kiddos, let’s establish something that’s not going to come as a surprise for much of anyone here: I like robots. I think there is loads and loads of storytelling potential for working with robots, and I especially like things that ask big philosophical questions about robotics as a concept. I also like when
3 months ago

Review: Phantom Fury

You know what I love? A convoluted backstory of development. And boy howdy, does Phantom Fury deliver on that front. Back in 2016, a game was released titled Bombshell, which had originally been a Duke Nukem game but was retooled to be about Shelley “Bombshell” Harrison who had originally been a supporting character in the
3 months ago

Review: ArcRunner

Am I allowed to be… like… kind of tired of roguelikes at this point? Don’t get me wrong, that is a rhetorical question; I’m allowed to be tired of anything that I am authentically tired of and I don’t really need to ask permission. But it feels like people have reached a point with roguelikes
4 months ago

Review: Pepper Grinder

When we first saw Pepper Grinder trailers in our work chat, I immediately responded with a tongue-in-cheek nod to a classic movie joke: “This summer, Dig Dug is back, and this time it’s personal!” Which is easily the first mood you can get out of the promotional trailers. This is a game in which you
4 months ago

Review: Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: There’s a card name by the name of Mao. Traditionally, you are introduced to the game with a table of people who already know the rules, or at least most of them, and the game starts with one person stating, “The only rule of Mao I can tell
4 months ago

Review: Goblin Stone

Every so often, we get a new crop of stories going with the basic conceit of taking familiar fantasy tropes and flipping the context on them. You know exactly the sort, the ones that clearly were paying attention and noted that if you read it in the abstract, stories about killing mass number of orcs
5 months ago

Review: Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

So here we are, back to dealing with the Planet all over again. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is a game that has a complicated history to deal with and a complicated set of fan desires to assuage. It’s not a stretch to say that the first game in the remake series was well-received, but it’s
5 months ago

The Complicated History of Final Fantasy VII

So later this month, we’re getting the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy. And boy howdy, is that going to be complicated for a whole lot of people, because I feel like Final Fantasy VII Remake was already complicated and divisive for a certain portion of the audience. Which is interesting to
6 months ago

Preview: Until Then

Sometimes being a video game reviewer is pretty fun. I mean, no matter what the situation is, it’s a job; you are primarily judged by the quality of your work and your dedication to your craft. But sometimes you’re playing new games well before other people get to, and sometimes those games are just really
6 months ago

Review: Granblue Fantasy: Relink

I mentioned in the intro to my previous review for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising that when you see the title “Granblue Fantasy” attached to something, you are seeing a game based upon what is a long-running mobile title that has stretched the concept of a browser game based on JRPG combat about as far as
6 months ago

Review: Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

Some of the games I review on this site are like nesting dolls, and each time you think you have a handle on what the game is, you find yourself diving down another layer deeper. Other games are exactly what they appear to be. I mentioned this during a recent review, but I think this
6 months ago

Review: Reigns: Three Kingdoms

On some level, Reigns is a concept that you are either on board with or not. It’s a pretty simple game in concept, at least; you are presented with an ongoing slew of decisions, and for each one you either swipe left or swipe right. There’s more to it than that, but it’s at once
7 months ago

Review: Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Granblue Fantasy is a mobile browser-based gacha JRPG that has probably already provoked some reactions in you just by placing those words adjacent to one another. What is slightly more surprising, however, is that this is a game that has been running since 2014 with a dedicated fanbase and a design ethos that has even
8 months ago

Review: KarmaZoo

As I’ve spent the past several years as a reviewer, I’ve increasingly grown to think of games as broadly belonging to one of two categories. The first category are games that basically wear their hearts on their sleeves. Within the first half-hour you have seen most of the game’s core loop and ideas, and you
8 months ago

Review: Yohane the Parhelion: BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE

There is a recurring theme for me in taking reviews for games that are spinoffs of series I know nothing about. Yohane the Parhelion: BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE, aside from having the probably most overwritten title I will see all year in my review queue (it has very little time left in the year to
8 months ago

Review: Astral Ascent

So, hey, that game Hades is pretty good, huh? Like, everyone liked it. Don’t pretend you don’t know that’s why we have a nice big rush of games that are cashing in on the whole roguelike thing. You know it, I know it, a variety of stray cats know it. And most of them are…
9 months ago

Review: Roboquest

Sometimes my reviews require a fair number of caveats. That’s just good practice, in my mind. It’s a good thing to make it clear if you are predisposed to not particularly like a game or predisposed to like it, that sets out a baseline. If I say that I wasn’t really inclined to like something
9 months ago

Review: Gordian Quest

There was a time – and I remember it quite well – when not every single type of game got stapled to an RPG. I don’t even feel like it was all that long ago. It’s not as if no one loved RPGs or anything, but it was a reality that it was something of