Now Delivering Alpha Tester Acceptance Mails!

In Final Fantasy XIV by Fusionx

We have recently begun sending notification e-mails to players accepted as alpha testers for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. For those who do not receive an acceptance notification this time, fear not! There will be need to fortify our ranks as time goes on, so your chance to take up arms in battle may come yet. Those who have yet to apply, be sure to visit the alpha test application site.

Battlefield 3: Alpha Footage Leaked On Youtube

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It appears that a youtube user has leaked alpha gameplay of the upcoming Battlefield 3. It certainly does surpass my expectations, but keep in mind, I don’t normally play FPS games. Still, it’s worth a look, even if it does somewhat smell of publicity stunt. I can not imagine how these videos have not been pulled yet otherwise! Here is your link, sire.

Pinkie Pie Vs. Derpy Hooves… Fight!

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Or at least we can only hope! Little is known about the mod at the moment, but it looks promising. It is currently going as “MLP: Fighting is Magic“, a working title which will likely stick. The mod/dev team, dubbing themselves “Team Mane6” have a rather brief FAQ, and if they deliver what they promise (and hopefully support GGPO) we’re going to have one of the most popular underground pony fighters in recent history. At least if this isn’t one …

FFXIV “Metamorphosis” Video

In Final Fantasy XIV by Ganiman

A new video has surfaced on the Final Fantasy XIV youtube channel showing off a side by side comparison of the alpha and beta builds of the game. The biggest difference you’ll see at the start of the video is the new lighting changes from the depth buffer shadows that has been mentioned. The later part of the video shows the new combat system in action which is definitely much quicker than that of the alpha build.

Dengeki and Tanaka at E3

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E3 is now behind us.  FFXIV Producer Tanaka Hiromichi is back in Japan, working on the latest version update for FFXI and the FFXIV beta.  However, that doesn’t mean we are through looking at all the exciting information to come out of the event! Expect a number of articles to pop up on Eorzeapedia this week and next as we go through the Japanese media interviews and some of the interesting reporting they’ve been doing after the event. For starters, …

Famitsu Interviews Tanaka and Kurosawa at E3

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Like many media outlets, Famitsu had their interview with Final Fantasy XIV Producer Tanaka Hiromichi (left) and North American Producer/Senior Manager of NA Operations Kurosawa Yasu (right) today.  Topics included the upcoming start of beta testing, possible 3D effects, and community reactions about the ongoing alpha build testing. You can find a copy of the original interview in Japanese on Famitsu’s website or our translated version below the break.

E3 Wrap-up (Day 1)

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So day one (for us) of E3 is behind us – and given that the demo and interview are scheduled for tomorrow, today was something of a bonus day for us.  For those following our E3 tweets some, or most, of this might be repetitive, but here’s what we learned. Character Creation We didn’t get a chance to do a hands-on test of this today (we will tomorrow), but the system is robust to say the least.  While watching someone …