5 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY XIV: ARR Alpha Video – Quests and Combat

  1. Kinda sad that they ditched the FF victory fanfare for quest completion. That was a reward in itself;

    Did they lose the rights to use Nobuo’s music? Colour me somewhat unimpressed with this turn of events.

    1. They own Uematsu’s original work. The fanfaire was used for raid completion in version 1 if I’m not mistaken, I would assume the same is true here. It’s also alpha, things will be changing etc

  2. well, hopefully the fanfare will go back to being for level ups instead.

  3. “All content shown is under development and subject to change” << Remember this. But I couldn't care less if the music was there after quest completion, or leveling.. I'm sure it'll make it's way in some how. But putting aside that little difference, the battle music is pretty bad ass. I'm ready to see more.

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