Famitsu (via Andriasang) Clairifies Alpha/Beta Timing (a bit)

Perhaps not surprisingly, the release of information at VanaFest 2010 about the upcoming FFXIV beta testing has caused quite a stir in the community.  But many (including us) may have jumped the gun in proclaiming beta to be starting on March 11.  Well in a Q&A session after the event, Famitsu attempted to clarify the global confusion caused by Square Enix’s less than precise language – and here is what they were able to come up with (as translated and reported by Andriasang):

As reported at Famitsu.com, Tanaka was asked when the game’s alpha test and beta test would take place. This information, he said, will be announced on March 11, when the beta tester site goes live. They’re currently making adjustments which could change the date around.

Tanaka was asked about the alpha test in particular. How long will the alpha test, which of course takes place before the beta test, run? His response was that Square Enix will decide that based off user response.

So that’s where things stand at the moment.  As pointed out by Andriasang, Square’s use of the term “beta” leaves something to be desired.  But it appears that Alpha and beta timing will be announced on March 11 via a tester website.  Alpha testing will last for an unknown length of time, followed, of course, by beta testing.  We’ll confirm what we can, but for now we’ll just keep our fingers crossed with the rest of you… to be continued for sure.