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29 Apr 2021

FFXIV Wiki Update: NPC Info Galore!

The thing I love most about this wiki – and this community – is that sense that having 90% of the information about Final Fantasy XIV is just not good enough. Sure, we had most of the information you might want about most of the NPCs in the game, but we didn’t have all of
6 May 2020

FFXIV Wiki Update: NPC Info Galore!

After adding images of armor, and then NPC maps, community member IcarusTwine was (again) looking for a new wiki project. This time he landed on NPC appearances! After a few months of work, we are excited to show off the new NPC Appearance tab! This will display all the information you could ever want to
9 Oct 2019

FFXIV Wiki Update: Maps Galore!

You wanted more maps? We’ve got them! NPC Maps, Quest Maps, and Gathering Node Maps! After adding images of all armor in game – in both genders and all races – community member IcarusTwine was looking for a new wiki project, and once again he delivered! This time we’ve integrated maps into our quest and NPC
13 Aug 2014

FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Drop Rates (again… but much, much easier!)

Two weeks ago we posted about how you could add drop rates to the wiki in order for us to crowd-source the information and know the frequency of the various duty drops. The response was… I admit it… luke warm. As I posted over on reddit at the time ” I get it. While we
30 Jul 2014

FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Drop Rates!

Did you see Hiroshi Minagawa’s post about Random Number Generators (“RNG”) and FFXIV? You can read it here… we’ll wait if you want to read it now. Interesting? Sure. But does it tell you what rate Square Enix has assigned to a certain drop? Nope. Not even close. Sure whether or not you roll a
25 Jun 2014

FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Editing Info In A Template

Welcome back! In our first installment, we showed just how incredibly easy it is to add an image to an item or gear/glamour set.  This time we’re going to branch out ever so slightly and take a look at our templates, so you know how easy it is to add information as well. While we
28 May 2014

FFXIV Wiki Dev Blog: Wiki Wednesday Has Arrived!

Hey everybody! It’s Wednesday! … and you don’t know what that means yet do you? Today is going to be the very first Wiki Wednesday! As you all know, our wiki is a never ending project which is always seeing updates to existing templates, brand new templates, and a whole bunch of other stuff. When