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FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Drop Rates (again... but much, much easier!)

13 Aug 2014


Two weeks ago we posted about how you could add drop rates to the wiki in order for us to crowd-source the information and know the frequency of the various duty drops. The response was… I admit it… luke warm. As I posted over on reddit at the time ” I get it. While we try to make things super easy, sometimes even clicking edit, incrementing two numbers by 1 and clicking save, seems like it is more work than it should be. And it is – but with wiki software there are (usually) some cons to go with the pros.”

So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a new solution which has been deployed on the wiki for the past few days – and it make this gathering a whole lot easier. We hacked and slashed Google forms and spreadsheets, added some bells and whistles, removed some ugliness and extra clicks, and voila… a new solution was born. So now, you don’t need to even edit a wiki page to submit your drop information. After you defeat a mob and the chest(s) pop, just check the box of the item(s) that dropped and click submit. Voila. The charts will refresh when you refresh the page.


In just the past few days we’ve received hundreds of submissions and we’re happy to report everything looks to be working nicely. So keep joining those duties and keep submitting what dropped!