FFXIV Wiki Update: Maps Galore!

9 Oct 2019

You wanted more maps? We’ve got them! NPC Maps, Quest Maps, and Gathering Node Maps!

After adding images of all armor in game – in both genders and all races – community member IcarusTwine was looking for a new wiki project, and once again he delivered! This time we’ve integrated maps into our quest and NPC templates! 

For quests, we’ve added a section below the top infobox labeled “NPC Locations”. Each NPC in each location relevant to the quest is listed here – and each row can be expanded to show a map of the NPC’s precise location. Note that the NPCs listed in this section will be every quest-related NPC. This is more than simply those who you need to talk to. For example, as you all know, often the quest will direct you to talk to only one NPC to advance the quest, but that NPC may be surrounded by other NPCs who have quest specific dialogue. Each of those NPCs will be listed here for completeness.

For NPCs more generally, we’ve added a new tab showing a map of the NPC’s location. This works well for the majority of the NPCs in this game – i.e. those who are static or have a regular “home” location. For NPCs who are encountered in more than one location, we show the map where the NPC is first encountered. To locate a quest-specific location you will need to first navigate to the quest and use the NPC Locations section.

All in all, we added just shy of 13,000 maps during this project! Given the amount of maps added, it’s entirely possible that there could be a few errors so if you spot any, please let us know!

Separate from the NPC map project, super-editor and community member Ferthi embarked on a six-week project to add all new handmade maps and a better structure to all botany and mining nodes. So now, there are separate tabs for separate nodes sharing a location. So now, not only do these pages look nicer and more concise, but now you can see precisely where the nodes spawn on the map!

We hope these additions help you find those elusive Moogles or hidden nodes! We are always looking for places to improve and add functionality to our wikis. If you have any ideas, drop us a line in the comments or hop into our wiki coordination discord channel.