FFXIV Wiki Dev Blog: Wiki Wednesday Has Arrived!


Hey everybody! It’s Wednesday! … and you don’t know what that means yet do you?

Today is going to be the very first Wiki Wednesday!

As you all know, our wiki is a never ending project which is always seeing updates to existing templates, brand new templates, and a whole bunch of other stuff. When looking at making these changes to the wiki we’re constantly considering feedback and helping to improve both accuracy of information and the overall user friendliness of being able to both navigate and add to the information.

While we won’t be doing this every week, we will be posting these wiki dev blogs every so often (on wiki Wednesday of course!) to keep you up to date on the latest changes and additions to the #1 wiki for Final Fantasy XIV!

With that out of the way, read on to see some of the newest changes!

Automagical Gallery Coolness

With the introduction of Glamour Prisms, we’ve been seeing a lot of comments about how people wish they could view gear to see if it’s something they’d like to use for Glamour. The problem we faced, however, is that uploading images to a wiki is historically a rather cumbersome, multi-step prospect. We’ve been hard at volunteering when we could and managed to work some first-of-its-kind-wiki-template-magic to make it all really easy and seamless – and we’ve added the nifty new code to two sections to help the community document how the gear actually looks in game.

Item Pages

To add an image of how the item looks in game, just click the little “Add Image” icon, which will take you to a pre-populated upload page. Just locate the file you want to upload (use .png files) and hit “Upload file.” That’s it. The image will automatically be shown on the page (you can hit “Rebuilt Lists” to clear the cache if needed). Does the item already have an item image? No matter – add a second, third or fourth, etc. the same way as the first.

So to repeat. Click the icon, select your image, click upload.

Gear / Glamour Sets

In addition to the individual items, sometimes you want to see how a whole set looks, right? Square Enix has introduced a great number of gear sets – both ones that are used for their stats and those that are used only for looks – and the community has come up with looks of their own by putting together a wide variety of gear to make unique new looks. We’ve made a gear set template where all you need to do it plug in the item names. Take a look at the Gear Set template tutorial to get started and add sets. We’ve already added more than 90 sets, but many could use images. Images of the sets are added the same way as described above.

While it probably goes without saying, clicking on the gallery images will bring them up as full-sized images for viewing.

Anonymous Editing

Finally, to make it even easier for people to add images and sets, we’ve removed all restrictions on editing and uploads. So now you don’t have to register or log-in to edit. That said, we need a small spam check for any anonymous edits, so we still encourage logging-in.


There you have it. Our first Wiki Wednesday! We’ll be back on another Wednesday with more wiki tips, tricks, and improvements. If you have any questions about how to edit, or suggestions on how we can improve the wiki, let us know in the comments (or on our forums, or e-mail, or IRC, or Twitter, etc.)

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