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2 Feb 2022

Review: Dying Light 2: Stay Human

One thing that being a game reviewer for nearly a decade now has taught me is that it’s not really possible for me to dislike an entire genre. Sure, there are some genres out there that I’m not much a fan on – fighting games for example – but then the occasional game comes along
31 Dec 2021

Gamer Escape’s Top 5 Reviewed Games of 2021

Well, it’s that time of year again! It’s officially New Years Eve, with a brand new year approaching on the horizon. 2021 continued to be a…rather wild ride in many ways. But it’s the time to look back on the most important thing of this past year: what happened at Gamer Escape! The biggest change,
6 Dec 2021

Review: Chorus

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to go hands-on with an early build of Chorus, a space combat game that was promising an engrossing story alongside its intergalactic dogfighting gameplay. This initial demo left a positive impression on me, despite me being…well, quite bad at the game itself. Now, with the full version
10 Nov 2021

Review: Blue Reflection: Second Light

A little over four years ago, we took a look at Blue Reflection, a new IP from Gust (of Atelier fame) and Koei Tecmo. A JRPG set in the magical girl genre, it was something that seemed to have a lot of promise when I first booted it up. Unfortunately, I came away from it…less
25 Oct 2021

Review: Gleylancer

Ever since finally getting my hands on a PC Engine Duo (or, as it was known in the US, the TurboDuo), I’ve been on a bit of a shmup kick. The system is known for its absolute glut of space shooters, after all, so why not dive in and see what it actually had to
18 Oct 2021

Review: Inscryption

I’ve never really been much into tabletop card games. If you don’t count the couple years in college I lost my life to Magic: The Gathering, that is (and I don’t remember much of that time, considering that was right around when I turned 21…). Setting that specific time aside, tabletop card games just never
27 Sep 2021

Review: Hot Wheels Unleashed

It seems I’ve reached that age where my nostalgia is being pandered to. All the TV shows and movies I grew up with as a kid getting sudden reboots. Games I played in my formative years getting remasters dropped out of nowhere. And, what, can I say, I’m reveling in it. Shoot that ActRaiser remaster
23 Sep 2021

Preview: Chorus

The space combat genre: probably one of the most overlooked and forgotten gaming genres in the modern era. It seems most developers have forgotten about the pure fun of zipping around space in a fancy ship, shooting down ships or creatures or what-have-you, and upgrading that ship so you can zip around faster and shoot
5 Sep 2021

Review: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

2011 was a year of absolutely massive games that have gone on to be considered classics. Portal 2. Skyrim. Dark Souls. The Witcher 2. Hell, one of my favorite games of all time (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) dropped during this absolutely stacked period of gaming. With hit after hit dropping, though, a number of smaller
30 Aug 2021

Hardware Review: VZR Model One Headset

Good quality sound is very important to me in my media. I can’t enjoy movies or console gaming without my full surround sound speaker setup. I’m more than happy to shell out a couple hundred bucks for quality headphones for my PC. On the other hand, I wouldn’t really consider myself an “audiophile.” Sure, I’m
15 Jun 2021

Review: Dark Deity

When it comes to the Fire Emblem franchise, there’s a hard cut-off point between the entries fans consider “classic and hardcore” and “modern and casual:” Fire Emblem Awakening. According to some of the fanbase, after Awakening, the franchise lost some of the elements that drew in its original base in exchange for bringing in a
28 May 2021

Review: Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

Wonder Boy – a classic Sega franchise from the Master System/Genesis era that has been going through a sudden renaissance in the past few years. Having originally gone dormant in 1994, the series suddenly saw a return in 2016 with Wonder Boy Returns, a remake of the original game. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when
20 May 2021

New Entry in ‘TimeSplitters’ Series Enters Development

TimeSplitters has been a long-beloved franchise, with numerous fans clamoring for a new entry. One can’t blame them, considering the most recent entry, Future Perfect, was released in 2005. It seems though that the wait may be finally approaching its end for fans. Publisher Deep Silver has announced that they have formed a new studio
6 May 2021

First Impressions: The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass

Of the “classics” one is expected to play in order to consider themselves a “real visual novel fan,” one that is often mentioned to this day is Ever17: Out of Infinity. It’s easy to see why; aside from the fact it was one of the first “real” visual novels to be released in English, it’s
19 Apr 2021

Review: Ashwalkers

Do you like your games with a healthy dose of stress? Want to relax by doing the same thing that you do every day of your life: survive? Well then, may I introduce you to the genre of survival games! I kid, of course. But survival games, or games with survival mechanics, have quickly become
8 Apr 2021

Review: What the Dub?!

During the great indoors-ening of the past year, my group of friends has had to find ways to hang out and do things together while staying in our own homes. Most of us being into gaming, this usually defaulted to playing some kind of multiplayer game while chatting on Discord. More often than not, that
30 Mar 2021

Review: Lost Words: Beyond the Page

The sheer amount of text in my favorite games was always the excuse that I gave to my parents that video games were actually good for me. “Look at all the reading I’m doing! It’s educational!” There really is a lot of text in games, when you think about it. Even in games with little-to-no
22 Mar 2021

In Sound Mind is Horror that Keeps You in Control

A horror game that doesn’t wrest control from the player. A title that can instill dread and fear without dictating it to the person in control. That’s the goal We Create Stuff’s CEO Ido Tal had for their upcoming game, In Sound Mind, of which he is also the co-producer. In a presentation for his
4 Mar 2021

Blink Through Life in Before Your Eyes

Controlling a game through body movements is nothing new. Hell, remember the Kinect? Using a camera to translate motions into gameplay is hardly novel…but what matters more is how these inputs are actually put to use. Enter GoodbyeWorld Games, a Los Angeles-based indie collective preparing to launch a title controlled by blinking your eyes. Before
3 Mar 2021

Preview: Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

If someone offered you the chance to change your memories, would you take it? Would you allow another person into your mind to clear up hazy memories, or perhaps bury ones you’d rather forget? What if it came with the risk of changing your personality or your sense of self completely? This seems to be