6 Jun 2018

Review: Vampyr

This week I sunk my teeth into Vampyr from Dontnod Entertainment. This gloomy action RPG promises a semi-open world in which each NPC is unique and every decision has consequences.
28 Apr 2018

Beyond PAX East: A Dragon Quest for Fans and First Timers

The less you know about this franchise, the more I hope you’ll read on.
9 Apr 2018

PAX East 2018 Interview with Natsuko Ishikawa and John Crow

This past weekend at PAX East, we sat down for or first interview with Final Fantasy XIV Main Scenario Writer Natsuko Ishikawa and English Localization Lead John Crow, discussing their take on the development process, story arcs they’ve worked on, and more.
25 Feb 2018

Review: The Station

Not long ago, I took a tour of The Station, an indie title now available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. This atmospheric, first-person exploration game places you aboard a malfunctioning orbital research station in hopes of finding out what’s gone wrong and whether the crew can be rescued.
13 Feb 2018

Review: Dynasty Warriors 9

This week, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the latest installment of an old favorite series of mine: Dynasty Warriors 9. With promises of renewal and innovation, the title has been attracting the attention of not only niche fans, but curious newcomers as well.
26 Nov 2017

Review: Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

Nights of Azure 2 arrived out of the blue (no pun intended) and lingered a time before I offered, “I can pick up Diva May Cry”—a jest more prescient than I’d anticipated. A conventional hack-and-slasher buttressed by token gimmicks, solid artwork, catchy riffs, and demons? Check, check, check, aaand check!
20 Sep 2017

Review: Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

This week, I return to the charming Ainu fantasy world of Utawarerumono for Mask of Truth, the follow-up to Mask of Deception, which I reviewed back in June. Have caution, as this review will contain spoilers from the previous title. Foreword This review is very late—partly because it’s the final game in my backlog and partly because I
3 Sep 2017

Review: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

This week (after an unfortunate delay), I got some alone time with White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. I’m a big fan of the horror genre, so it surprised me to learn that this cult classic from South Korean developer Sonnori had eluded me for so long despite being resurrected several times since its original release
5 Aug 2017

Review: Cat Quest

This week, I got a chance to pounce on Cat Quest, an isometric, open world action-RPG by The Gentlebros—an indie team from Singapore that released the free-to-play Slashy Hero on iOS and Android in late 2015. Imagine a classic Legend of Zelda game about exploring an itty-bitty Skyrim (and also Link is an itty-bitty kitty). Paws On There’s no need
15 Jun 2017

The Lore Train – Heavensward (Part 4)

Stormblood early access begins tomorrow, but today is for another installment of The Lore Train’s episodic summary of the main scenario, focusing on The Story So Far… from Patches 3.5 & 3.56 (The Far Edge of Fate). Skipped your cutscenes? Barely remember the binge a few months back? Didn’t quite understand what was going on?
13 Jun 2017

FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 6/4-6/10

Only a few days remain until Stormblood early access and the official launch on June 20th! Fill that downtime with the latest releases from some of the Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators!
7 Jun 2017

Review: Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception

Foreword I haven’t taken in a visual novel game in a long time. Suddenly having on my plate a tactical role-playing VN, shared by the PS4 and Vita, nearly two years after its Japanese debut, was unexpected to say the least. Hopefully, any influence these factors would have had on an objective review have been
3 May 2017

Hands-on with NieR: Automata 3C3C1D119440927

NieR: Automata‘s first DLC dropped yesterday, and after having reviewed the game itself so favorably, we’d be remiss to not take the opportunity to check back in. Here are our thoughts on 3C3C1D119440927!
11 Mar 2017

PAX East 2017 Interview With Naoki Yoshida

At this year’s PAX East, we had a chance to sit down with Final Fantasy XIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida. During our interview session we were also joined by the folks over at r/ffxiv– we’ll make sure to include a link to their questions once they’re posted. (Edit: Here is the Reddit interview) If you haven’t
11 Mar 2017

PAX East 2017 FFXIV Q&A Panel

At this year’s PAX East, Naoki Yoshida held a Q and A panel for Final Fantasy XIV where he took questions from players. After a quick recap of information previously released for 4.0, Naoki Yoshida came up on stage.
10 Mar 2017

Review: NieR: Automata

Foreword You should know that I took my time with this review, and not just because it’s my first “real” review for Gamer Escape, or because we’re comfortably between the PS4 and Steam releases. Being no stranger to director Yoko Taro’s previous games (a bit more on him later), it felt safe to assume that
16 Jan 2017

The Lore Train – Heavensward (Part 3)

  The final arc of Heavensward is upon us, and with it comes another installment of The Lore Train’s episodic summary of the main scenario, focusing on the story so far… from Patch 3.4 (Soul Surrender). Packed with closure and more answers than questions, Soul Surrender will gave its own spotlight until extended for 3.5.
6 Jan 2017

The Lore Train: Nael in the Coffin

At Fan Festival 2016 Tokyo, our JP team caught up with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox about the Encyclopædia Eorzea, The Primals, and more. You may have noticed a question about an incendiary topic: the ever-evolving backstory of Eula aka-Nael-but-totally-not-Nael van Darnus. Koji got back to us with a follow-up shortly after, and we think it puts that
15 Dec 2016

The Lore Train – A Starlight Miracle

Those players who have been around since Version 1.0 will notice a familiar face during the Starlight Celebration this year. Didn’t recognize him? Don’t remember who he was? After partaking in the festivities, join us in a walk down memory lane, as his return is something of a Starlight miracle. There might be some new
27 Nov 2016

FFXIV Contest For Knowledge Answers

The results of the Contest for Knowledge are in, and the winners have been contacted by email! Wondering how you did? Read on for a full breakdown of the correct answers, explanations, and how well each question went overall! The statistics are actually rather interesting considering feedback about the difficulty was all over the place