1 Nov 2016

The Lore Train: Identifying the Dead (Part 2)

The Palace of the Dead has been expanded, and so too has the list of departed NPCs who’ve made an appearance in its depths. Join us once again as we delve into the backstories of the lost!
26 Sep 2016

The Lore Train: Heavensward (Part 2)

A new story arc is upon us, and with it comes a new installment of The Lore Train’s episodic summary of the main scenario, focusing on the story so far… between Patches 3.1 (As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness) and 3.3 (Revenge of the Horde). Skipped your cutscenes? Barely remember the binge a few months
21 Jul 2016

The Lore Train: Identifying the Dead

It’s only been a few days since the release of the Palace of the Dead and adventurers are scrambling to the bottom to challenge an old friend and foe, both. But did you know that she is not the only figure from our past lurking in the deeps of this dungeon? There are a grand
24 Apr 2016

PAX East Live Q&A Panel Transcript

At PAX East 2016, Naoki Yoshida hosted the first ever North American Live Q&A panel, taking questions both at random from a bag of submitted cards as well as from the audience on the spot. Many of you tuned in or followed the action on social media, but we wanted to make sure to get
13 Feb 2016

The Raimdelle Codex Alces

Things have been pretty quiet on the “published things” front lately. Uncharacteristic quietness on my part usually means that I’ve receded into a Matoya-like cave with thousands of loose sheets of parchment in an attempt to forge order from some great chaos or another. I’ll re-emerge when I’ve come up with something worth sharing or
5 Feb 2016

The Lore Train – Duty Commenced Gerolt & Rowena Lore Lowdown

The NA Community Team went live with Duty Commenced 10 today, sharing lots of details about the upcoming Patch 3.2 (not 2.3), as well as a massive installment of Lore Lowdown giving background on Gerolt, Rowena, Relic/Zodiac weapons, and the House of Splendors. As always, we got it into our archives as fast as possible
30 Dec 2015

The Lore Train: Titan of Old

Welp, the Kobold’s out of the bag. Ioncannon—who has been tinkering with a private rebuilding of Version 1 to learn more about coding and game development—stumbled across the original introduction of the primal Titan (seen in previews all the way back to ’09, but not included in original release) and posted it to their YouTube
10 Nov 2015

The Lore Train: Heavensward (Part 1)

With a new patch comes a new installment of The Lore Train’s episodic summary of the main scenario, focusing on the story so far… between versions 3.0 (Heavensward) and 3.1 (As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness). Skipped your cutscenes? Barely remember the binge a few months back? As always – we’ve got you covered. Come
29 Oct 2015

FFXIV Patch 3.1 Preview – Beast Tribe Quests, Minstrel’s Ballad, and More

More new images dropped today, showcasing the new Beast Tribe Quests (featuring the Vanu Vanu), The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign (a more challenging incarnation of the Singularity Reactor), Lord of Verminion (a new Manderville Gold Saucer attraction), and New Hairstyles (including those from the recent contest), all coming in Patch 3.1.
29 Aug 2015

The Lore (and Soul) Train: PAX ’15

It’s PAX 2015, and while Fusionx is on location (no doubt adding yet another “I Defeated…” shirt to his collection), I’ve taken it upon myself to cover the XIV-related attraction, Koji & Soken’s Wild Ride, a combination music and lore panel featuring Localization Lead / Co-World Creator Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and Sound Director Masayoshi Soken
17 Jul 2015

The Lore Train: Seal Rock (Pt. I)

When reading about the new Frontlines zone announced today, some of the more lore-inclined may have recognized the arena’s name: Seal Rock. In Version 1.0, this island played a huge role in the Limsa Lominsa introduction quests; might we finally be in for some answers regarding that long-lost tale? In case you weren’t around at
18 Jun 2015

Lorecast 6: E3 2015 Interview with Fernehalwes

With the release of Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV is finally ready to stop retracing its footsteps (with better footsteps) and venture out into new territory. E3 2015 was the final stretch of pre-release promotion for 3.0, and it was there that we got a chance to sit down with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (aka Fernehalwes) to
18 Jun 2015

First Impressions of New Jobs

Throughout E3, we’ve had a few opportunities to drop by the Square Enix booths and play a little Final Fantasy XIV. I know, Early Access drops in a matter of days and by this point you already have plenty of answers to “What does it do?” pertaining to the new jobs coming in Heavensward. A
2 Jun 2015

The Lore Train: Inked

Back at Fan Festival ’14 (Las Vegas), localization lead and world co-planner Michael Christopher Koji Fox hosted a lore panel that featured a fan-Q&A segment. One query focused on the origin of the tattoos sported by the Circle of Knowing going all the back back to the launch of 1.0. Koji neglected to answer at
12 May 2015

The Lore Train: A Realm Reborn Part 2

A righteous song, a vengeful roar- The chorus riseth to shatter pillars of ice Shards of deception will rend flesh and faith Mayest though find sanctuary in the Light When last we left off in the first part of our tale, the last of the six elemental primals had been laid low and Moenbryda was
7 Mar 2015

Heavensward Launch Details Released

The release details of Heavensward have been confirmed! Pre-orders will begin on March 16th for both the stand-alone expansion and an all-in-one bundle with A Realm Reborn for new players. The bundle will also be released for Mac! The expansion will officially be released on June 23rd, and those who pre-order will be granted early access
19 Jan 2015

The Lore Train: A Realm Reborn Part 1

But every end marks a new beginning… The Rise and Fall of the White Raven would be but a prelude to the tale that Nymeia would spin for the coming eras. Five years have passed since Louisoix gave his life, saving the lives of the Warriors of Light at the Battle of Cartenau. Now, an adventurer
20 Dec 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Tokyo Keynote

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Tokyo has finally arrived! The keynote presentation has just wrapped up, revealing the Heavensward Collectors Edition details, a new main theme, details on the new race, the new high-end raid focus, and, not one, but two new jobs! Read on for all the specifics!
25 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | London Q&As

Today’s Fan Festival activities in London were loaded with Q&A sessions. Here’s every little thing we learned from Naoki Yoshida, Hiroshi Takai, Masayoshi Soken, and Koji Fox.
25 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | London Keynote

The Opening Ceremonies and Keynote have concluded at Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London! What big new announcements did we get in the EU today? Read on for a full list!