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FFXIV Contest For Knowledge Answers

27 Nov 2016


The results of the Contest for Knowledge are in, and the winners have been contacted by email! Wondering how you did? Read on for a full breakdown of the correct answers, explanations, and how well each question went overall!

The statistics are actually rather interesting considering feedback about the difficulty was all over the place (just like a real quiz!). Average and median scores hovered right around 70% (just like a real quiz!), with a tie between the most frequent being 10 and 11 out of a possible 14. Amusingly, only one of the three questions that I considered tricky actually had less than 50% correct answers, yet two others went pretty far off the rails.

But lets get down to brass tacks!


A grand total of 581 people took part, and of those 21 got a perfect score. Pat yourself on the back for knowing some and/or all of the Eorzean things! As you can see from the breakdown above, quite a few of you knew most of the answers! But let’s go ahead and break it down question by question.

1) Who is the father of modern naturalism in Eorzea?


Centuries ago, Frandelont Raimdelle dedicated his life to the traveling of Eorzea and the classifying of all the things he encountered into a seminal work known as the Raimdelle Codex. The foundations carved out by this naturalist remain sturdy to this day, with updated copies of his magnum opus serving institutions from the Trappers’ League of Gridania to the academics of Sharlayan.

Lewphon was a Sharlayan scholar responsible for revolutionizing the measurement of time in Sixth Astral Era Eorzea, weaving together the disparate histories of her cultures with this common thread. Rammbroes, once a member of the Circle of Knowing, is an anthropogeographer leading Sons of Saint Coinach and the dig in Mor Dhona. Erik is a renowned, if pompous, professor of military history involved in the Monk story arc.

2) Which of Limsa Lominsa’s active pirate crews is considered the most powerful?


The Bloody Executioners are captained by One-eyed Hyllfyr, the undisputed lord of the pirate underworld, and wield a power and influence second only to Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, herself. In recent days, Hyllfyr has withdrawn as a result of age and (according to rumors) ill health, and the structure of the Executioners has begun to fragment as the topic of succession becomes more heated.

It will take more than this infighting, however, to bring the Executioners below the Krakens’ Arms under Carvallain, thriving as “completely legal” privateers, and the Sanguine Sirens under Rhoswen, struggling to accept the new status quo as their wealth dwindles. The League of Lost Bastards once flourished under captain Bloefhis (and later his daughter, Merlwyb), rivaling the strength of even the great pirate king, Mistbeard. These days, however, both have greater concerns…

3) Whose balls?


Thal‘s balls, man, does this one really need an explanation?

4) What is the loftiest position in an Ishgardian High House?


The count is the head of a high house’s affairs, seeing that his bannermen fulfill their duties to the Holy See in a way that brings honor and glory to the house and its allies.

Barons have been mentioned, but fall below the count. Bishops are members of the clergy, which, though respected in the Holy See, do not equate to leaders of the high houses. Dukes would outrank counts… if only those were things.

5) Lahabrea is associated with which number?


Ascians in service to Lahabrea bear names such as Ascian of the Twelfth Sword and Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice. This association with the number twelve was inherited from Ivalice, where Lahabrea (and his dark opposite, Mateus) were associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces and the element of Ice.

This is one of the ones I thought might be tricky, as it is much more salient fact that Lahabrea is from our world, the Source, and not one of the thirteen reflections; zero and fourteen would thus be sensible guesses.

6) You didn’t already forget the name of the moogle that bravely led you to Zenith again, did you?


If you’re caught up with the main scenario, this question might have seemed familiar; you were asked it in Patch 3.3. Why did I ask it again? Because it broke his little heart if you got it wrong. You didn’t let him down, did you?

…I see, kupo. Then I suppose our time around the campfire meant less to you than I thought it did. It’s “Moghan,” by the way… <sniff>

Chieftain Moglin, who Moghan regards as an overstuffed throne-warmer, currently leads Moghome in the Churning Mists. Kuplo Kopp is of the Twelveswood moogles, a dedicated ally of Gridania who warned of Good King Moggle Mog XII’s summoning and later served as ambassador to the moogles in the sky.

7) Who lead(s) the VIth Legion of the Garlean Imperial Army?


The VIth legion is led by Legatus Regula van Hydrus.

Nael van Darnus was legatus of the VIIth in Version 1.0. Solus zos Galvus was the previous emperor, Varis zos Galvus is the former high legatus / current emperor, and Zenos yae Galvus is the legatus of the XIIth Imperial Legion and viceroy of Ala Mhigo.

8) Gerolt **claims** that his greatest ambition is to…


Those asterisks are super important. I knew this one might be tricky, but less than 50% of participants answered correctly (still a majority, though).

Gerolt is on a Triple Triad card, but doesn’t seem to do any playing himself. You can’t even challenge him to a duel (YET!?).  He also doesn’t claim that Rowena is anything to him but a “thrice-damned harridan.” The two were once married, and it seems that both still wonder what might have been, but they’re far from admitting it.

No, Gerolt spends his days mending kettles in a futile effort to pay off tavern debts that rise faster than fall, currently totaling over one hundred million gil. Even the greatest of his kettles was designed as part of a grand scheme to pay off this burden and restore his good name. Moreover, there certainly doesn’t seem to be a rivalry with the master goldsmith Godbert Manderville over it.

9) Cid’s airship is called…


The Enterprise has been the trusty airship of Cid Garlond all the way back to 1.0. Recently upgraded and dubbed the Enterprise Excelsior, this seems unlikely to chance anytime soon.

I made the rest up. (Though, Allag did engineer Ragnarok-class starships.)

10) The most **influential** ruling body in Ul’dah is…


Another set of very important asterisks, but one that was overwhelmingly heeded: The Syndicate holds the true power in Ul’dah, having eroded the Sultana’s power for years in a tide that has only begun to turn.

The Order of Nald’thal, most prominent of Ul’dah’s religious sects, and the Immortal Flames, the city-state’s Grand Company are important, but pale in comparison to the other two.

11) The Gridanians reside in the wood with the blessing of…


The Pact of Gelmorra was forged between man and the Elementals, leading to the founding of Gridania.

The Padjal came into being as part of this accord, and the Moogles have since been shy but cordial allies. Though the Gridanians share the faith of the Twelve in their worship of Nophica, the guardians of the wood itself have final say over who lives beneath its boughs.

12) What year is it (canonically speaking) as of Patch 3.45?


This question was mostly included as a joke, as “What year is it?” is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to lore discussion. It is the HYDRA of Final Fantasy XIV lore queries; cut off one thread and two more grow in its place. It is both to be expected (being so constantly asked) and kind of surprising (being so easily Googled) that not a single option garnered more than 30% of the responses.

For the greater good, there is a bubble of “stopped” time around Final Fantasy XIV that encompasses the span of about a year, thus allowing the continuity to remain stable for all players. The relic quests and holiday stories may make meta jokes about real-world time on occasion, but there’s a reason that we’ve had three comings of The Rising and all three have referred to the Calamity as five Eorzean years past.

When you begin the game, it is the 5th Year of the Seventh Umbral Era, but after Operation Archon, it is declared (and remains) the 1st Year of the Seventh Astral. Will the bubble always be in place? Perhaps not. But it is, for now.

(And, yes, this was true for the vast majority of Final Fantasy XI, as well.)

13) Hunberct Longhaft is most renowned for his…


Peerless of a swordsman as some may claim him to be, any brush against the Longhaft or those acquainted with him will inevitably lead to tales of his legendary lever. A crucial tool in the defense of Highbridge, the lever be must be regularly oiled and operated, lest Hunberct find himself in one of the rare positions whereby he is unable perform his duties to their fullest potential. According to his team of highly-trained lever-handlers, however, the task brings such satisfaction that the job will likely never want for volunteers.

14) What element is best used to counter the aspect of fire?


The goal here was to go out on a light note with a pretty easy question. I failed you. The correct answer came in third place, with over 40% of respondents going for the “obvious” choicewater. Most recently seen in the scattered books of the Great Gubal Library, Essences & Permutations lays out the elemental relationships.

Fire is extinguished by wind. (Water beats earth, eroding it away.)

At this time, all of our winners have been selected and confirmed. If you were one of the 21 people that got a perfect score but didn’t receive an e-mail, we’re sorry that RNG wasn’t in your favor! For everybody else, we hoped that this made you even more curious and eager to learn about the world of Eorzea! Please feel free to leave us your thoughts on the contest (unless you plan on simply pelting me with popotoes).