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8 Oct 2014

FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Updates, Changes and Tweaks

It’s been a while since the last installment of Wiki Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean we and the community haven’t been adding stuff.
30 Jul 2014

FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Drop Rates!

Did you see Hiroshi Minagawa’s post about Random Number Generators (“RNG”) and FFXIV? You can read it here… we’ll wait if you want to read it now. Interesting? Sure. But does it tell you what rate Square Enix has assigned to a certain drop? Nope. Not even close. Sure whether or not you roll a
8 Mar 2012

Help Update The Wiki With New Job Information!

With today’s launch of Patch 1.21 there’s a wealth of information being added into the game, new raids, new items, revised recipes and the new Job System! We’ve started to set up the base pages for the new Jobs but need your help to fill in the information about quests and new actions! You can
25 Oct 2010

Wiki Milestones, Statistics, Improvements and the Importance of Community

Time for a little look back at where we’ve come from, where we are going – and most importantly – why we are able to create the best FFXIV wiki around.   Back in June we had our 1-year birthday – so I guess that means we are now approaching our 1.5 birthday – and we
22 Aug 2010

Navigate the Wiki… on your own terms!

With The Wiki growing at a very nice clip (now over 1300 articles), it had become somewhat more difficult to find certain pages by navigating from the main page.  No more we say!  Ganiman took up the reigns and coded a nifty new wiki navigation (aka “Eorznav”) that not only provides a nice and compact
11 Aug 2010

Share Your Beta Experiences (and knowledge and screenshots)!

That’s right.  We have confirmed that, subject to the Materials Usage License, anyone in the beta test can now freely share their experiences with others!  So get to it community.  Share your thoughts about the beta of the forums, share your knowledge from the beta on the wiki, share your screenshots, and well… just share. 
2 Jun 2010

Happy Birthday Eorzeapedia… and Eorzeapedians!

One year ago today, we registered One year ago tomorrow, we posted – to little fanfare – our first post. Sure we had an ugly logo, ugly icon, and ugly skin – but we had a website.  We had a place to report on the news surrounding the development of Final Fantasy XIV.  We
20 May 2010

Official Site Update Part II: Limsa Lominsa Guilds & Landmarks

As we reported yesterday (or early this morning technically), the official site was updated late last night to include a lot of new information about Ul’Dah and Gridania, plus a glorious world map and some Lore.  But as Inaaca, an attentive community member, quickly pointed out, there was a whole lot of Limsa Lominsa information
29 Jun 2009

Eorzeapedia Now Supporting 5 Languages

We are proud to announce that Eorzeapedia now has support for 5 languages!  The languages include the 4 announced languages in which Final Fantasy XIV will be released – English, Japanese, French, and German – as well as Spanish.  If there is a demand to include support for additional languages in the future, the staff