FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Updates, Changes and Tweaks


It’s been a while since the last installment of Wiki Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean we and the community haven’t been adding stuff.

First, an update on the nifty drop rate data we’ve been collecting.In the last 6 or so weeks, the community has submitted about 4000 drops! Syrcus Tower has the most submissions (with about 500) and two of the Trials – Ramuh (Hard) and Leviathan (Ex) – are pulling up the rear with only 3 submission apiece (not surprising since they don’t have regular drops). The data continues to roll in, but don’t ease up – especially if you are completing some of the less traveled content! We’ve continued to tweak the code too, so it is even easier than before. Now the duty page won’t even reload on submission, so it takes basically no time at all to submit the drops for a particular run.

Next up, we’ve been slowly updating a lot of the “landing pages” (i.e. those pages that summarize and lead to more specific pages about categories of content). Along with this we’ve revised a lot of the left hand navigation links to better get you deeper inside the wiki and more directly to where you want to go. For example, you can now go straight to the Hildibrand Quests from the wiki navigation. Most of the levels have been revised with the exception of the “Items and Equipment” and “Exploring Eorzea” sections, which remain fully functional, but will still see more tweaks as we continue this project. If there are any areas of the wiki that you think need a touch-up and better navigation access please let us know.


We’ve subtly revised the recipe code to show the acquisition information icons for each ingredient used. So now you can see at a glance how you the ingredients can be acquired, and click through only to those where you’d want more information. We’ve also added information on whether there are additional recipe requirements (like requiring the Ehcatl Wristgloves, or a status effect.


Consumables can now more easily be identified by their bonuses. Want something that boosts Skill Speed? We now have a page for that. You can see the various categories easily on the Consumable page.

That’s it for today’s Wiki Wednesday. If you have other suggestions, comments or advice about the wiki, please let us know!

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  1. I noticed that the Leviathan XM drop submission page wouldn’t update when I used it in weeks past. I’ll check again to see if it’s working now, but that might explain why you had so few submissions before.

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