Official Site Update Part II: Limsa Lominsa Guilds & Landmarks

As we reported yesterday (or early this morning technically), the official site was updated late last night to include a lot of new information about Ul’Dah and Gridania, plus a glorious world map and some Lore.  But as Inaaca, an attentive community member, quickly pointed out, there was a whole lot of Limsa Lominsa information buried within the update as well!  Square Enix decided to reveal information about a number of the various Landmarks and Guilds within the confines of Limsa Lominsa – and what better way than to explore the new information than in the wiki – the repository of all that was, is, and will be inside of Eorzea.

NB: We’ve unveiled the first of many nifty templates with this information – so take a look – and tell us what you think over in the wiki discussion section of the forums.