Navigate the Wiki… on your own terms!

With The Wiki growing at a very nice clip (now over 1300 articles), it had become somewhat more difficult to find certain pages by navigating from the main page.  No more we say!  Ganiman took up the reigns and coded a nifty new wiki navigation (aka “Eorznav”) that not only provides a nice and compact way to navigate the wiki based on a default navigation structure, but which lets each user completely customize their own navigation structure!

So if you don’t like the default?  Just change it!  Let’s take a look.  First off, where is this Eorznav of which you speak?  Just head over to The Wiki and check out the thin, white navigation strip under the site-wide navigation.

By placing the Eorznav up top in such a thin format, we’re able to maintain as much space for content as possible.  As you can see, each of the sections unfolds to reveal various subsections.  The default Eorznav is maintained by the admins, and will undergo various tweaks as the wiki and game develop.

Don’t like the default?  Want a quick link to Lancer, to Stoneskin or to the Bestiary?  Customizing your own Eorznav is easy… real easy.

First, head to User:/Eornav page (you can reach it through this shortcut: Special:Mypage/Eorznav).

Next, edit that page and add your own custom links.

  • Each single asterisk represents a top level in the menu hierarchy.
  • Two asterisks represent a sub-level of the top level.  Three asterisks, a further sub-level.  And so on and so forth.
  • Each menu item automatically links to its respective article.
  • If you’d like to use text that is different from the article name, first use the article name followed by a pipe character (|), followed by the display text.

So User:Eorzeapedia, for example, created the following custom Eorznav:

****Duskwight Elezen
***Disciples of War
***Disciples of the Hand
**Category:Polearm_Actions|Polearm Actions
**Category:Disciples of War Levequests|Disciples of War Levequests
*Category:Armorer Recipes|Armorer Recipes

So get to it Eorzeapedians!  Navigate The Wiki in style, and on your own terms.  Let us know what you think of this latest addition, and feel free to share your customized Eorznav!