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Eorzeapedia Now Supporting 5 Languages

29 Jun 2009

FFXIV Support in 5 Languages

We are proud to announce that Eorzeapedia now has support for 5 languages!  The languages include the 4 announced languages in which Final Fantasy XIV will be released – English, Japanese, French, and German – as well as Spanish.  If there is a demand to include support for additional languages in the future, the staff at Eorzeapedia will be happy to consider requests from the community.  To change your forum language preferences, go to the forum User Control Panel’s Board Settings and change the drop down box next to “My language”.

The wiki also supports the above mentioned languges.  The main page of the wiki in each language has links to each other language in the side bar box labeled “in other languages”.  You can also visit the links below to head directly to your preferred language.

English –
日本語 –
Français –
Deutsch –
Español –

We continue to develop Eorzeapedia every day, and will keep working to further integrate each language into the site.