26 Jul 2009

Mithra and Galka and… wallpaper… oh my!

Sure, so far Square Enix has released only 23 total, officially images from FFXIV.  But that hasn’t stopped our community members from letting their creative juices flow and making some amazing wallpapers.  Whether you are reading all you can about FFXIV on a wide screen, narrow screen, or mobile screen, there are wallpapers that will
29 Jun 2009

Eorzeapedia Now Supporting 5 Languages

We are proud to announce that Eorzeapedia now has support for 5 languages!  The languages include the 4 announced languages in which Final Fantasy XIV will be released – English, Japanese, French, and German – as well as Spanish.  If there is a demand to include support for additional languages in the future, the staff
17 Jun 2009

Square Enix Members and Final Fantasy XIV

A Final Fantasy XIV group has surfaced on the Square Enix Members website! Joining the group will allow you to join discussions on the groups message boards, just like on our own forums. Message boards like this provide a great way to spend time and talk with other excited fans as we all wait for