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Mithra and Galka and... wallpaper... oh my!

26 Jul 2009

Sure, so far Square Enix has released only 23 total, officially images from FFXIV.  But that hasn’t stopped our community members from letting their creative juices flow and making some amazing wallpapers.  Whether you are reading all you can about FFXIV on a wide screen, narrow screen, or mobile screen, there are wallpapers that will remind you just how much you can’t wait for Final Fantasy XIV – or at least for more news and images!  So here’s a quick look at a few wallpapers that are out there.


1024px x 768px

Wallpaper by Peanut

1280px x 800px

Wallpaper by PeanutWallpaper by PeanutWallpaper by Mario san

1280px × 1024px

Wallpaper by Focant Wallpaper by Focant Wallpaper by Nocci

1680px × 1050px

Wallpaper by ZabriskieWallpaper by Kraig

1920px × 1200px

Wallpaper by KraigWallpaper by PeanutWallpaper by Celeras

iPhone/iPod Touch

Wallpaper by KraigWallpaper by KraigWallpaper by KraigWallpaper by Kraig

Keep them coming! And feel free to upload them onto the Eorzeapedia wiki so that others can find them easily!