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15 May 2020

Review: Tales from Off-Peak City Vol. 1

I love the indie scene, positively adore it. It’s an endless stream of ideas too off the wall for mainstream publication. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but more often than not they leave something with you.
13 May 2020

Review: Signs of the Sojourner

I found myself feeling very divided in my opinions as I played Signs of the Sojourner. Actually, that’s not altogether true; my opinion was relatively clear insofar as it was a game I really wanted to like if the darn game would stop getting in the way. But that may or may not be its
7 May 2020

Preview: Arboria

Jump in the hole. Kill things. Get killed. Respawn. Jump back in the hole. The first footage I saw of Arboria at once piqued my interest and made me wary. On one level, it looked like something of a Dark Souls experience, which could be interesting… but that also highlights the fact that Dark Souls
29 Apr 2020

Review: Streets of Rage 4

After 26 years (!!) without any entry in the series, you would think that fans of the long-forgotten Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle franchise would have to resort to relishing in the glory of the Genesis/Mega Drive heydey with the first three titles with little hope for any sequel. While the hope was kept alive that
22 Apr 2020

Review: The Shattering

If there’s one genre the indie scene loves to cover, it’s psychological horror. The unsettling journey into a deranged psyche allows disquieting and surreal imagery that touches on something deep within us, and as they’re by nature weird and experimental it’s something the AAA industry rarely covers. Today we’re covering The Shattering, brought to us
15 Apr 2020

Review: STATIONflow

Some games are very difficult to review effectively. You have to leverage a lot of different ideas and notions, a lot of conflicting artistic visions, the depth of what the story is trying to achieve and how well it delivers on themes, and so forth. Other games are… well, the sort of game you can
15 Mar 2020

Review: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Blind Forest was one of my favorite games in recent memory. One of the few long, exploration-focused games I committed to beating a second time. The melancholy world that focused on themes such as loss and rebirth really spoke to me. And of course the main character was positively adorable.
19 Feb 2020

Preview: World of Horror

Things aren’t quite right in this 1980s seaside Japanese town. If that simple introduction rings any bells for you then this game, self-described as a love letter to Junji Ito’s revolutionary Japanese horror stories, might be for you. World of Horror is a text-based, retro-style adventure with a 1-bit or 2-bit style as a tribute
7 Feb 2020

Review: Solar Panic: Utter Distress

I have been sitting here, trying to think of a lead for this review and I can’t think of a better one than tell you, dear readers, how lost I am. Solar Panic: Utter Distress is a game? I guess. I suppose it’s no less a game than your average “walking simulator”, but it really
4 Feb 2020

Review: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Reboots of classic stories, franchises, and characters have been popping up everywhere in recent years. I was beyond excited when one of my favorite films, The Dark Crystal, was being adapted into a Netflix series. Much like others who were raised on Labyrinth, Gremlins, and The Neverending Story, it’s exciting to see a new adaptation
30 Jan 2020

Review: Speaking Simulator

Are any of you familiar with QWOP? It was an incredibly small and simple Flash game created over a decade ago with a simple goal: make an athlete run as far as possible by individually commanding the runner’s thigh and calf muscles to extend or contract, using the Q/W and O/P keys, hence the name.
16 Jan 2020

Review: Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

I've long been a fan of first person dungeon crawlers like Legend of Grimrock, Etrian Oddyssey, and Might and Magic. I'd also heard of the Wizardry series, but I'd never had a chance to play one of them before, so I was excited to give this game a shot.
14 Jan 2020

Preview: Filament

One of the amazing things about video games is their ability to entertain while also teaching you something about yourself. Sometimes you learn you have fast reflexes or can make split decisions. Other times you simply learn a game can, in fact, make you cry. Filament by Beard Envy taught me that I’m not as
25 Dec 2019

Preview: Don’t Die, Minerva!

Haven’t you heard? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The wintertime holiday season is a time that many look forward to every year, regardless of which holiday one celebrates (if any). For some, though, their favorite holiday has already long passed. These people are already counting the days to when their preferred season
12 Dec 2019

Review: Shovel Knight: King of Cards & Showdown

Okay guys, this opening is going to be longer than usual, so buckle yourselves in! If you’re a fan of retro-styled platformers, you’re all but guaranteed to be familiar with Shovel Knight. Originally released in 2014 to critical acclaim, it was an example of how awesome an 8-bit-styled game can look, play, and sound, with
3 Dec 2019

Review: EarthNight

I have no idea what about this game prompted this title. While a lot of the game takes place in space, where it is dark like night, there’s not much about actual night. It feels like a title that in no small part exists because the most obvious title of Fall To Earth While Killing
23 Oct 2019

Review: Dusk Diver

At first glance, Dusk Diver looks like a pretty decent anime beat-em-up featuring a female protagonist. This is incorrect. It is a beat-em-up, but it actually comes from Taiwan, with one of its big call-outs being that it has accurately modeled a popular shopping section of Taipei down to even replicating some of the businesses
24 Sep 2019

Gabranth Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

During a developer livestream of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the next character joining the ever-growing roster of the famous arcade game was announced to be none other than Final Fantasy XII’s Judge Magister Gabranth. Along with various gameplay adjustments and updates, the new character is slated as a DLC add-on release on October 10th. You
18 Sep 2019

Review: Devil’s Hunt

What do you get when cross Devil May Cry and God of War and far less of a budget? That answer is Devil’s Hunt. Also, by crossing those games I just mean their ideas, not their scope nor their execution. It’s hard to blame them for using those games as inspiration.
29 Aug 2019

Review: Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

These days, modern day and retro-styled platformers have seen quite a bit of a comeback. In between modern remakes and reimaginings of established franchises, indie titles that have made a serious impression on me (looking at you Cuphead), and new titles that feel comfortable in their own skin, I was feeling pretty good about the direction this genre is going.