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Blink Through Life in Before Your Eyes

4 Mar 2021

Controlling a game through body movements is nothing new. Hell, remember the Kinect? Using a camera to translate motions into gameplay is hardly novel…but what matters more is how these inputs are actually put to use.

Enter GoodbyeWorld Games, a Los Angeles-based indie collective preparing to launch a title controlled by blinking your eyes.

Before Your Eyes places the player in the afterlife, reliving their personal history as life flashes before their eyes. The game detects the players eyes via webcam, registering blinks to interact with the world and change the memories being relived.

The game started life under the title Close Your, winning the Game Developers Choice award at Indiecade in 2014. Work has continued since, and the final game is set for release this year.

Writer and creative director for Before Your Eyes, Graham Parkes, describes the experience as a “…completely new way of using tech to tell human stories.”

Before Your Eyes is set for release on April 8th, 2021, on PC via Steam. A trailer has also been released for the game, which you can view below.

Screenshots courtesy of GoodbyeWorld Games.