9 Jul 2011

Follow-Up Kliskpinion: What If It Isn’t A Kingdom Hearts MMO?

The main thing that makes a KH MMO a difficult sell is the fact that, well, let me sum it up: Disney. They’re not going to particularly want their characters on an ever evolving online world where their franchise(s) could, arguably, be slandered and graffiti’d by online hooligans. The ‘Disney Factor’ cannot be forgotten, and
18 Dec 2009

European FFXIV Site Jumps The Gun- Three New Images Released

Thanks to some of our forum members we have some new images for you! For a short period of time this afternoon, three brand new screen shots were found on the European Final Fantasy XIV website, soon after the images were taken down. I think it would be a safe assumption to say there will
19 Nov 2009

FFXIV Theme Song Info and Speculation

Thanks again to Japanese fansite FF14-FAN, we have some interesting information about the theme song to be used in FFXIV.  As has been previously reported, Nobuo Uematsu will be composing all of the tracks, including the theme song.  In fact, indirectly, he is the source of the new information.  Members of his official fanclub receive
29 Oct 2009

FFXIV in France and China(?)

The hours are ticking down until doors open at the Micromania game show in France.  Square Enix has opened an additional site about the event on their European homepage.  It includes a message saying that people will be able to register for information regarding beta testing for FFXIV.  This is similar to what they offered
10 Oct 2009

This Week in the Magazines (and more!)

Going between two languages, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Not only that, but for Final Fantasy XIV, the sites for each region are also presented in entirely different ways. That means sometimes there can be pictures or text in one that doesn't show up in the either. At the moment, we have extensive text on the NA site about some of the beast families like Aldgoats and Antelopes. However, the Japanese site does not contain any additional text, just the pictures that were released to the Japanese media as well. For those in Japan, they have to get their information from the magazines released this weekend or one of the several gaming news websites like GAME Watch or 4gamer. Let's check out what was in the magazines that isn't on the NA site as well as what things may have been lost along the way.
7 Oct 2009

First Glimpse of Surnames?

The official NA website was updated today with new information.  There are also new screenshots as well.  Most of them are from the trailer we saw at Tokyo Game Show.  However, the first image of a Blacksmith and Lancer is very curious. There is a space in the middle of Azagba X’s name.  Is this
18 Aug 2009

Aetheryte Radio 1: A Collaborative Effort

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Eorzeapedia podcast: Aetheryte Radio! Aetheryte Radio is the collaborative effort of two of the most popular Final Fantasy XI podcasts: Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha. We’ve come together to deliver you a fun and exciting show that covers everything related to Final Fantasy XIV.
16 Aug 2009

Speculation on Guildleves, Advancement and Gameplay

While the receipt of the information that was released over the last few weeks was greatly appreciated by all, the speculation about what it all means is perhaps even more interesting.  Methusaleh, one of our community members, has come up with a theory that ties together a lot of otherwise disjointed statements made by Squre
9 Aug 2009

Taking a Closer Look: Dengeki PlayStation

It’s been a couple days since the magazines were released and a few more still since the first leaked pictures began to float around the internet. Have you had a chance to look at them? I mean really look at them? Weekly Famitsu got the exclusive interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto. They had
13 Jun 2009

This Week in the Magazines

Every Friday, Weekly Famitsu comes out with general information on console games.  Approximately every two weeks, Dengeki PlayStation covers PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 news.  This week, both have their E3 reports. Let’s take a look at how the Japanese printed press treated FFXIV this week:
11 Jun 2009

Speculation: Beta As Early As September

Recent job postings on Square Enix’s European website show that a beta for Final Fantasy XIV may start as early as September. Several job posts for Game Masters and Game Testers have appeared on the job page for Square Enix Europe. Each of the job openings requires the applicant be familiar with Final Fantasy XI,