FFXIV in France and China(?)

29 Oct 2009

The hours are ticking down until doors open at the Micromania game show in France.  Square Enix has opened an additional site about the event on their European homepage.  It includes a message saying that people will be able to register for information regarding beta testing for FFXIV.  This is similar to what they offered at Tokyo Game Show, encouraging people to sign up online for the newsletter to receive additional information when it comes available.   You can check out the site (in French) here.

As for China, there is an interesting rumor gathering attention.  The Nihon Securities Journal, which covers stock and financial news, posted an article recently including a blurb about Square Enix.  Back in September, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada said that he wanted to futher their efforts in the Chinese market.  They currently have a small office over there and offer a number of online games but the results haven’t been terribly promising so far.  He said he hoped they could work with Chinese companies and collect royalties on titles.  At that time, he did not name any specific titles.  In their latest article though, NSJ said that they expect Wada to talk more about their vision for offering online games in China and in parentheses say (FF14).  This is leading some people to believe that FF14 will be made available in China as well.  That would require Square Enix to place servers in China and it’s not certain how such a move would affect the game overall or if service for China would be run separately.  Either way, at this point the rumor has only been listed on a very limited number of Japanese sites.  Hopefully President Wada talks more about his plans at the next shareholder’s meeting.