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FFXIV Theme Song Info and Speculation

19 Nov 2009

Thanks again to Japanese fansite FF14-FAN, we have some interesting information about the theme song to be used in FFXIV.  As has been previously reported, Nobuo Uematsu will be composing all of the tracks, including the theme song.  In fact, indirectly, he is the source of the new information.  Members of his official fanclub receive a few DVDs as a membership bonus each year.  One of those DVDs was recently released and people have been posting details about the DVD online.

One such site is a gaming blog named Nonsense Zone.  The author, Helen, posted a picture from the DVD along with some information.  There was a section about the new theme song for FFXIV from the recording studio where they were recording the song with a vocal track.  They were using English and Japanese in the video leading people to suspect the person doing the vocals for the track is not Japanese.

That’s all we really know at this time.  However, there is a bit of speculation we can make at this point.

Susan CallowayAt the upcoming Chicago Distant Worlds concert, music from FFXIV will be included as part of the show.  Susan Calloway (pictured) has performed in a number of the Distant Worlds concerts in the past and will also be present with Uematsu at the Chicago concert.  It would make sense for the artist to be somebody Uematsu is familiar working with.  The Chicago concert would also be a great time to make the announcement.

Once again, we’ll just have to wait and see!