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European FFXIV Site Jumps The Gun- Three New Images Released

18 Dec 2009

European FFXIV Site Jumps the Gun!

Thanks to some of our forum members we have some new images for you! For a short period of time this afternoon, three brand new screen shots were found on the European Final Fantasy XIV website, soon after the images were taken down. I think it would be a safe assumption to say there will be a website update coming soon. There are several things we can see in the screen shots, along with many things we can speculate on. In fact, many users in the forums have already been doing so!

Lets jump in and look at the new images and what they can tell us! Make sure to also join in on the discussion yourself!

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Summoning the Beast Our first glance shows what some are believing to by the fire based avatar Ifrit. Though we haven’t heard of the existence of a playable summoner class in Eorzea, it doesn’t mean that there can’t be enemy summoners. Whether traditional avatars such as Ifrit and Shiva could be used though is still anyone’s guess. Afterall, there are those gods that look over Eorzea that I’m sure would be more than happy to fill the avatar role in Final Fantasy XIV if they were asked.

Of course this leads into the question “Is Mr. Fire Demon Thing a summon?” How can we tell? If you look at the beastman in the right corner of the image, you’ll notice two things. Firstly, he is looking in the direction of the creature, and secondly, he is holding a staff in his hands. This stance could possibly be used for summoning. If not, it could be a hint at beastmen races controlling larger creatures. In Final Fantasy XI, a Beastmaster enemy could call up a large dragon to fight for him in comabat, this image might be showing us something similar to that idea.

Old Meets NewNext up we have two image that contain what appears to be a new beastmen race. In Final Fantasy XI, the beastmen stood apart from the regular monsters that adventurers would encounter in their travels because they were of higher intelligence. It makes sense to see that returning to Final Fantasy XIV, who would want to play a game where you save a land from Aldgoats? We need a fierce, challenging foe! And who better than this cross between Ifrit, a Mamool Ja, and a bottle of steroids!

This new beast race bares a nice resemblance to it’s Final Fantasy XI counterpart, complete with that piece of armor where their tail attaches to the rest of the body. Makes me wanna just hop on and ride them around… but I digress. We can also see that the new creature is wielding some hand to hand weapons, implying that he may be a Pugilist and that other members of his race (such as the one with the staff in the first picture) may be the same classes that players will have access too.

We’ve heard before that Yagudo and Orcs may find their way into Eorzea. Will all the beastmen races be similar to their Final Fantasy XI counterparts?

Battle in the lair

Our next image gives us a glance at what appears to be a three person party in the beasts lair. We can see a Lancer attacking from behind on the left, and what appears to be a Thaumaturge curing a Roegadyn Pugilist while he fights another one of the beasts.

Lets start with the Lancer in this screen shot, it’s the same Lancer that we’ve seen before in the images released. Note that it is positioned behind the monster while executing what looks to be a special attack, perhaps a weapon skill. Why attack it from behind? Does this Lancer have an ability that increases damage while attacking from behind a monster? Or did the Thaumaturge get its attention after she cast a spell to aid her Roegadyn teammate? Also note its distance from the creature while attacking, this is something we’ve been told will be important during combat.

Next up we have the Thaumaturge in front of this new foe. She appears to be glancing over at the Roegadyn who appears to have some type of spell being cast upon him. I believe this to be a cure spell, but its possible that it could be a number of things. Also note that the mage in this image may not be wielding a full sized staff as we have seen before. It’s hard to gauge its size to do it going behind the mage. It could be possible that this weapon is a type of club instead of a staff.

Gladiator versus the beast

Finally we come to the last of the three images which appears to be a Gladiator taking on the beastmen solo.

The Gladiator appears to be using some type of ability on the creature, however we are unable to tell what this is. It could be some type of provoke, or it could be a special attack, or another weapon skill like the Lancer in our last image. Also note that it’s possible that this Gladiator may not be using a shield. It’s difficult to tell due to the left arm being hidden behind the body, but this could be an example of an offensive customization of the class compared to the defensive shield wielder.

Behind our new friend we can see what looks to be some type of portal. Some are saying this could be one of the portals that appear upon the completion of a Guildleve. This would imply that the leve has been completed and that defeating the beastmen in the area was not a part of it. However, we have seen that upon completion of a leve, that the portal appears at your location. This portal seems as though it is being guarded by the beastman. Is it possible that there will be some leves that contain a specific spot to exit?

Lastly, in the last two screen shots, note the wooden floor and the scattered boxes. Could this be the remains of a shipwrecked crew? In the last image, if you look closely in the upper left, you’ll see windows. Could this area be housed within the rocky cliffs of Limsa Lominsa? It wouldn’t be a large stretch considering the images of game play released so far have been of areas close to the city state.

That’s all for my ideas with these new images! Make sure to head over to our forums and let us know what you see in the screen shots that were released prematurely.