21 Jan 2019

Review: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5 A Requiem For Heroes

Two weeks ago, we received the first part of the concluding story for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, bringing with it the continuation of the Main Scenario, and conclusions to both Return to Ivalice and The Four Lords. We’ve got five reviewers, five categories, and a max possible score of 100. Let’s see how Patch 4.5
30 Nov 2018

FFXIV Dragoon Controller and Macro Guide

Hello and welcome to my Dragoon Controller Guide. In this guide, I go into a lot of detail in the video above but here below, I wanted to focus in on just my cross-hotbar layout. The skills that I use, and how I arranged them on the Cross Hotbar (XHB). This guide is here as
31 Oct 2018

Review: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

To put this plainly, Dragon Quest XI is the BEST RPG I’ve ever played. Period. It’s not just the best Dragon Quest game or the best game I’ve played in 2018. It’s the best RPG that I’ve ever played. I say this with the utmost confidence that Dragon Quest XI is better than Chrono Trigger,
25 Mar 2016

Opinion: The Time For FFXIV On Xbox One Is Now

Last week some exciting news came out of GDC and it shined a ray of hope for all those Final Fantasy Fans out there who have been wanting to see Final Fantasy XIV brought over to Microsoft’s Xbox One. Nothing has been  officially confirmed yet, but I wanted to take this opportunity to go through
18 Mar 2016

Opinion: The Feast Is The Best PvP Yet, But Not Without Problems

One of the most exciting updates to hit Final Fantasy XIV in its 3.x patch cycle just dropped last week and I was instantly hooked. I’ve always considered myself the type of gamer that likes both a PvE and PvP experience in my MMOs and for me, FFXIV has always been lacking in quality PvP content and now with the latest
31 Dec 2015

Brin’s FFXIV 2015 Year In Review

What a year it has been for Final Fantasy XIV! First we had the dramatic conclusion of the A Realm Reborn story and after that, Heavensward came out with guns firing, and for the most part was an amazing addition to an already fantastic game. Now, on our Aetheryte Radio Podcast, I’ve been accused of being too
13 Jul 2015

The Breakup Letter

I hope everyone out there is enjoying Heavenward as much as I am… And it’s been too long since I posted a cartoon. So I hope you all have a great Monday.
21 Apr 2015

Tonberry Aftermath…

With today’s comic, Tonberry Aftermath, we conclude the Tonberry invasion story. How will the adventures deal with the massive amounts of Tonberries littered throughout the land? Leave it to a culinarian to save the day of course. :)
30 Mar 2015

Tonberries Must Die

There has been a long break since my last cartoon. Sorry about that, but I ended up coming down with back to back illnesses that pretty much knocked me out of commission for a while. So I’ve got some catching up to do to get ahead of the curve. That being said, this has to
9 Mar 2015

Tonberries gone wild

Minfilia is in need of the Warriors of light to help with the Tonberry infestation that has taken hold of the land. But will she get the help she needs?
2 Mar 2015

Needs more Tonberry…

Continued from last week’s Beg, Borrow, and Doink. BlueMage has been taken captive and at the controls of the game’s debugger, is forced to do the will of his Tonberry master.
23 Feb 2015

Beg, borrow, and DOINK!

If you can’t get into Heavensward the old fashioned way (luck) perhaps you can beg, borrow, or hack your way into the game. That seems to be blue’s plans until things take an unexpected turn.
16 Feb 2015

On the Hunt

“Dear journal, we’ve been out here for what feels like days. We are on the hunt looking for a very large NM to take down and show just how awesome we are. If only the thing would pop soon, as I feel we are tired and might miss it easily. Hopefully our luck will hold and
9 Feb 2015

Leveling the grind

White mage, wait, Warrior, wait Ninja… Dude, just slow your roll and pick a job already so we can get busy winning.
2 Feb 2015

BatTank and the boys

I am vengeance, I am the night, I am… Batman! And today I come face to face with the other “tanks” out there in the world. It’s time to set the record straight with these tanks and let them know that I mean business.
27 Jan 2015


Hello again all you Final Fantasy RedMage Vs BlueMage fans! Here is a RedMage Vs BlueMage special. TITAN FALLS! I’ve been working on this cartoon for quite a while now and am very happy to share it with everyone. I wrote this to support my efforts in bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Xbox One.
26 Jan 2015

Odin… Fodin

Wandering around the Black Shroud, Mog runs into an old friend he hasn’t seen in ages.
19 Jan 2015

Patch Day Blues…

Patch day and the servers are down, nothing to do but kill the time, which can be hard to do when Blue is hogging the computer.
12 Jan 2015

Healers of Eorzea avert your eyes!

Mog having been a part of the development meetings delivers troubling news to the healers of Eorzea. 
5 Jan 2015

Blue’s new skill

Red and Blue come to grips with the fact that they won’t be in the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion.