On the Hunt

“Dear journal, we’ve been out here for what feels like days. We are on the hunt looking for a very large NM to take down and show just how awesome we are. If only the thing would pop soon, as I feel we are tired and might miss it easily. Hopefully our luck will hold and we will find this mythological beast and best it for all the world to see…” – RedMage


So just the other day I was out hunting with my dad and thankfully it was nothing like how the HUNT tends to go in Final Fantasy XIV. After much work and not a lot of reward, and end up just sticking to my daily and weekly hunts and don’t worry about the bigger NMs out there.

I was thinking about calling this on the Hunt for a Big Bird, or Red Mage is a big time bird hunter, as apart of my original outline, thus if you are wondering why or how Big Bird came into being a S ranked NM.

RedMage Vs BlueMage is a Final Fantasy Comic Series from the mind of Brian Montfort (aka Brin) [@delmontyb] from AetheryteRadio. The comic follows the adventures of Red and Blue, two mages hoping to make it into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, along with any and all video game humor for you to enjoy.

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