Leveling the grind

White mage, wait, Warrior, wait Ninja… Dude, just slow your roll and pick a job already so we can get busy winning.


RedMage Vs BlueMage is a Final Fantasy Comic Series from the mind of Brian Montfort (aka Brin) [@delmontyb] from AetheryteRadio. The comic follows the adventures of Red and Blue, two mages hoping to make it into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, along with any and all video game humor for you to enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Leveling the grind

  1. You know, for what it’s worth I was able to start over a new character at the launch of ARR and get all jobs leveled up to 50 within 6 months. Maybe I have more time than others, but the Legacy excuse doesn’t really apply anymore.

    (I’m a Legacy player)

    1. Thanks dijital, and that’s quite impressive. I too am legacy and really haven’t leveled every job up to 50 yet, though I have quite a few there. I just haven’t found the desire to do that in a while. This isn’t a legacy excuse comic, in fact, the scholars generalization is much like that of some other players sometimes, and I still see that in game today. The White mage/Warrior/Ninja character in this comic happens to be legacy, and thus the scholar assumes something about all players like him. Anyway, just some insight from the guy who spends too much time writing and drawing cartoons. ;)

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