The Breakup Letter

I hope everyone out there is enjoying Heavenward as much as I am… And it’s been too long since I posted a cartoon. So I hope you all have a great Monday.



RedMage Vs BlueMage is a Final Fantasy Comic Series from the mind of Brian Montfort (aka Brin) [@delmontyb] from AetheryteRadio. The comic follows the adventures of Red and Blue, two mages hoping to make it into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, along with any and all video game humor for you to enjoy.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. :) Thanks!

2 thoughts on “The Breakup Letter

  1. I chuckled, then I remembered the malboros in the calm lands bad breathing my party, and Tidus murdering everyone. I’m no longer happy. Lol

    1. Such good memories. ;)
      Haha, I always facepalm when I get hit by it in XIV… I always laugh when my pet get’s hit by Bad Breath, and I don’t… ;)

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