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9 Jan 2012

Cra’s Range Character Class Gameplay

Cra's Range Character Class Gameplay Goddess Cra's motto is "Pride and precision." Her disciples specialize in long-range combat, and are archers of the highest order. They make precious allies in battle and are most effective when...
21 Dec 2011

Gameplay: Srams Shadow

Gameplay: Srams Shadow We have great news for you all: the highly anticipated Sram's Shadow character class is set to debut within the next WAKFU Content Update! Arriving January 4th with Open Beta, have a peek at what these master assassins hav...
13 Dec 2011

Iop’s Heart Character Class Gameplay

Iop's Heart Character Class Gameplay Already a playable character, the Iop's Heart are renowned for being courageous knights who let their weapons do the talking and the Ogrest's Chaos hasn't changed their attitude, either. Loyal to ...
12 Dec 2011

Good King Moggle Mog XII Cometh!

Patch 1.20 will see the introduction of new battle content featuring Good King Moggle Mog XII. Read on for the details.
1 Dec 2011

Good King Moggle Mog XII is Coming

Just posted on the official forums was the following: Greetings, fellow adventurers! In the last letter from the producer, Yoshida has mentioned about “Dark Moogle Battle (name tentative)” and we are sure that many of you are psyched to hear more about it. Today, we have some news for you. The name “Dark Moogle Battle”
26 Nov 2011

FFXI Opening- Now With More Cornrows!

Update: This is actually the opening video used in the Xbox 360 version of the game. Whoops! Back in October, Square Enix opened up the Final Fantasy XI Youtube channel. While this hasn’t been ground breaking in anyway for North American and European players, in Japan, they’ve been releasing a constant wave of videos for
18 Nov 2011

Gameplay: Osamodas Whip

Gameplay: Osamodas Whip We have great news for you all: the highly anticipated Osamodas' Whip character class is set to debut within the next game update! Coming November 23rd, have a peek at what these beast masters have in store for the World ...
31 Oct 2011

WAKFU Political Trailer

WAKFU Political Trailer WAKFU's World of Twelve is a complete player-driven environment where your decisions are paramount! Cut down a tree -- check! Run for governor -- check! Declare war against an opposing nation -- check! In WAKFU, a player ...
28 Oct 2011

WAKFU Launch Date Announcement Trailer

WAKFU Launch Date Announcement Trailer Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in the Americas and ANKAMA, an independent digital creation group and developer, today announced that their upcoming tacti...
21 Sep 2011

Video Preview: Beastman Strongholds

  Newly uploaded by Square Enix is a preview of the soon to be released Beastman Strongholds! What do you think?
12 Sep 2011

IRL: PAX 2011 Visitors

IRL: PAX 2011 Visitors A group of fans cosplaying several WAKFU class characters at PAX Prime 2011. From: SquareEnixWakfu Views: 9 0 ratings Time: 00:07 More in Gaming
31 Aug 2011

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic Sneak Peak On September 2nd!

Indie developer Mane6 will be streaming a sneak preview of Fighting Is Magic on September 2nd, via Livestream at 7pm CDT. More information can be found at their official home page. [Mane6] [Mane6 Livestream]
11 Jul 2011

Animations Included In July Update

It’s always fun to see what kind of things find their way into an update without actually being a part of that update. Youtube user wilddragonchase uploaded a video showing off some of the new animations that were hidden in the DATs as a part of today’s version update. What’s that in the sky? It’s
15 Jun 2011

WAKFU Ecosystem Trailer

WAKFU Ecosystem Trailer The ecosystem in WAKFU is a dynamic, constantly-changing aspect of the World of Twelve. Zones in different nations range from lush forests to tropical beaches, each with their own unique characteristics. Unlike other MMOs, in...
15 Jun 2011

Square Enix E3 Video Booth Tour [Simple]

Square Enix E3 Video Booth Tour [Simple] Quick video tour of the Square Enix booth at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) during the showing of a WAKFU trailer. From: SquareEnixWakfu Views: 2 0 ratings Time: 00:43 More in Gaming
26 May 2011

WAKFU: The Merchant’s Journey

WAKFU: The Merchant's Journey Welcome to WAKFU's World of Twelve! Every successful adventure begins with the proper materials, whether that be money, resources, food, or even weapons! In WAKFU's player-driven economy, nearly all items ar...
22 Apr 2011

WAKFU: The Combat Journey

WAKFU: The Combat Journey Welcome to WAKFU's World of Twelve! Adventurers quickly learn, in WAKFU, strength is nothing without intelligence! You road to conquest begins with the choice of one of fourteen unique character classes, each with three...
14 Apr 2011

WAKFU Game Overview Trailer

WAKFU Game Overview Trailer - WAKFU is a vibrant, immersive world where player choices are paramount. The World of Twelve has fallen into chaos, and is in desperate need for heroes to bring hope to the masses. Players can do just that ...
13 Apr 2011

WAKFU:The First Steps

WAKFU:The First Steps From: SquareEnixWakfu Time: 00:57
18 Jan 2011

Wakfu Classes: Enutrof’s Fingers – Treasure Hunters

Wakfu Classes: Enutrof's Fingers - Treasure Hunters Wakfu Online - If you want to make an Enutrof happy, just compare him to the 'Kama Reaper', a character from Enutrof fairy tales who comes to take the richest, greediest o...