Wakfu Classes: Enutrof’s Fingers – Treasure Hunters

Wakfu Online – www.wakfu.com If you want to make an Enutrof happy, just compare him to the ‘Kama Reaper’, a character from Enutrof fairy tales who comes to take the richest, greediest ones off to hell… which they love! I have yet to meet someone who wants to make an Enutrof happy though… Enutrofs are the gold rushers of the World of Twelve – they like nothing more than counting booty and you’ll often see all sorts of adventurers following them around, just waiting until their Enutrof nose smells out the next gold mine. Their motto is simple: “Of greed make an art”. You’ll often hear them whisper it as they’re pushing children out of the way in the search for rubies, or some other horrible activity. Their god, a Golden Dragon from the skies, gave them the knowledge of all valuable things.
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