29 Jan 2020

FFXIV’s Valentione’s Day 2020 Event

24 Jan 2019

Valentione’s Day Comes to Eorzea on January 31

Love will soon be in the air as Valentione’s Day makes its return to Final Fantasy XIV on January 31st. Those who participate in the events festivities this time around will be able to earn a handful of rewards, including a couple of interesting weapon choices including the Gigas Greatsword and the Tonberry Knife. If
29 Jan 2016

Valentione’s Day

Ardor and affection─words of that noble Ishgardian house, Valentione, who sows the seeds of amore throughout the realm. Their arrival can only mean the season of love is upon us once again, and the return of Valentione’s Day! Word has it that Lady Lisette has come with an entourage of fortune-tellers, who will lay bare
30 Jan 2015

Valentione’s Day

Though the winter winds still blow and bite, the tender blossoms of love still thrive in Eorzea. City streets are lined with fanciful shades of scarlet and pink, and hearts are aflutter as we welcome the return of Valentione’s Day! Lady Lisette of House Valentione has ventured forth from Ishgard to ensure no tender confession
31 Jan 2014

Valentione’s Day is Just Around The Corner in FFXIV!

The air is sweet with the smell of confectionery delights, made sweeter still by the sight of young lovers seen in every corner Eorzea. The season of love is finally upon us—Valentione’s Day has made its return! Word has it that an Ishgardian noble accompanied by several retainers has arrived in Limsa to enliven this
24 Jan 2013

Pitter-Pattering from Love

A lovely Valentione’s Day to you, kupo! Each year, we ask for the aid of crackerjack confectioners— No, that’s not right. Give great gifts of succulent sweets— No, that’s not it either. My brain is mashed to mush, kupo! That’s right! Coquettish couples give grand gifts to express their enduring emotion for each other. Some
15 Feb 2012

Valentione’s Day Love Letter Contest!

Ahh, love is in the air in Eorzea! This Valentione’s Day, the Community Team will be holding a contest for all of you shy adventurers to finally tell the world how much that special NPC means to you! Take a break from fighting those mischievous moog...
31 Jan 2012

FFXIV: Valentione’s Day: The Bonds of Love

That season of love is nearly upon us—that magical time of year when we turn to chocolate-scented kisses to convey the love we hold in our hearts. Yes, Valentione’s Day is fast approaching! Indeed, it appears The Harbor Herald, unable to contain i...
25 Jan 2012

Amorous Affectations

The aromas of confession connoting confections have begun a-wafting through the air, which can only mean the approach of another Valentione's Day, kupo!While it hasn't always been so in Vana'diel, amorous admirers nowadays announce their ardor with a g...