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Pitter-Pattering from Love

24 Jan 2013

A lovely Valentione’s Day to you, kupo!

Each year, we ask for the aid of crackerjack confectioners—
No, that’s not right.
Give great gifts of succulent sweets—
No, that’s not it either.

My brain is mashed to mush, kupo!

That’s right!
Coquettish couples give grand gifts to express their enduring emotion for each other.

Some lovelorn lads and ladies even deliver delectable desserts to potential partners.

Were you aware that the amazing Atelloune, animal expert extraordinaire, has dutifully deduced that chocobos feel fondness just like people?
She is planning to present her probing research at a “collegiate conference.”

What’s a “collegiate”? A new snack, kupo?
Well, either way, Atelloune’s dramatic discovery is going to make a magnificent splash for able adventurers! This Valentione’s, I’ll be busy as a bee!

Read on for more about Clavauert’s disciple’s disciples!