Valentione’s Day

Though the winter winds still blow and bite, the tender blossoms of love still thrive in Eorzea. City streets are lined with fanciful shades of scarlet and pink, and hearts are aflutter as we welcome the return of Valentione’s Day! Lady Lisette of House Valentione has ventured forth from Ishgard to ensure no tender confession goes unheard, nor any love go unrequited. Adventurers who would hasten cupid’s arrows are encouraged to seek her out and aid in her labors of love.

Read on for details.

One thought on “Valentione’s Day

  1. 2014 event starts at NPC Lisette De Vaentione in Gridania’s Amphitheatre activating the quest “Where Did Our Loves Go”. Speak to NPC House Valentione Emissary to complete this quest. Talking to him again will open three other quests–Love In The Woods, Hearts In The Sand, & Ardor In The Harbor.

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