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1 year ago

Review: Dying Light 2: Stay Human

One thing that being a game reviewer for nearly a decade now has taught me is that it’s not really possible for me to dislike an entire genre. Sure, there are some genres out there that I’m not much a fan on – fighting games for example – but then the occasional game comes along
19 Apr 2021

Review: Ashwalkers

Do you like your games with a healthy dose of stress? Want to relax by doing the same thing that you do every day of your life: survive? Well then, may I introduce you to the genre of survival games! I kid, of course. But survival games, or games with survival mechanics, have quickly become
22 Oct 2020

Review: Disc Room

What kind of creatures would drive you to the brink of insanity? Giant squids the size of a house? Cthulhu itself rising from the depths to break your mind? A housecat whose piercing gaze cuts through to your very soul? According to a team of indie developers, none of the above. Rather, they envision a
5 Aug 2020

Preview: Windbound

An interesting aspect of games that emphasize survival as a core gameplay mechanic is that… well, most of them usually aren’t really about survival in a sense so much as colonizing. Sure, in games like Minecraft or Terraria or the like – or multiplayer survival boxes like Conan Exiles or Fallout 76 – you start
21 May 2020

Preview: Volcanoids Co-op Update

I absolutely adore crafting and survival games, especially when they focus more on the crafting than the surviving. What I adore even more is the ability to craft with friends, but multiplayer has a pretty spotty record in this genre. When I heard Volcanoids, a game I had not had the pleasure of playing yet,
20 Sep 2019

Review: Niffelheim

Grinding. In video games, it typically refers to repeating the same action over and over. Sometimes its for a player's benefit, spending some time fighting trash mobs repeatedly in order to make your character stronger. For others, they may see it as a source of relaxation, chilling out and watching numbers go up without having to exert themselves.