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1 month ago

Review: Gleylancer

Ever since finally getting my hands on a PC Engine Duo (or, as it was known in the US, the TurboDuo), I’ve been on a bit of a shmup kick. The system is known for its absolute glut of space shooters, after all, so why not dive in and see what it actually had to
2 months ago

Preview: Chorus

The space combat genre: probably one of the most overlooked and forgotten gaming genres in the modern era. It seems most developers have forgotten about the pure fun of zipping around space in a fancy ship, shooting down ships or creatures or what-have-you, and upgrading that ship so you can zip around faster and shoot
12 months ago

Review: I, AI

Blam! If it moves, kill it! Shoot everything on the screen! Blow them to smithereens! The space shooter genre is classic, and dates back almost to the beginning of video games. Probably because they were easy to make, with a black screen being “space,” but also because they were satisfying. See how long you can