Warframe: The Duviri Paradox Release Date and Trailer Revealed

14 Apr 2023

Last week, Digital Extremes gave us a little peek at what’s in store for the upcoming release of The Duviri Paradox, their newest roguelike addition to Warframe. While we can’t share all of their secrets yet, they’re letting us give you a glimpse behind the curtain before the official release on Steam PC, Epic Games Store, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo™ Switch on April 26.

And what else do you expect to find behind a curtain, but a proper drama? In the official cinematic trailer, we’re met with a gilded, boisterous narrator who flutters about the scene as it flickers between his stage show and the muted shades of reality that this farce parallels. The subject of the narrator’s orations is the Drifter as they attempt to take on an Orowyrm. This pageantry is for none other than Dominus Thrax, the one behind the temperamental time loops that have taken hold of Duviri. But you don’t have to imagine this spectacle, check out the trailer for yourself:

Interested piqued? Then you’ll be even happier to know that whether you’re a veteran of Warframe, or just starting out as a brand new player, you can jump immediately into The Duviri Paradox. But don’t worry! Choosing to take on the Drifter’s story first won’t keep you from experiencing the story already in place as the Operator. After you complete the story quest associated with The Duviri Paradox, you’ll have three different game mode options available: ‘The Circuit’ where you’ll get to experience an endless game mode as a Warframe, ‘The Duviri Experience’ which is the open world, multi-player adventure, and ‘The Lone Story’ where you’ll be able to take on the story on your own.

Once you take that first step into Duviri, you’ll be introduced to the volatile moods of Dominus Thrax and the shattered realms that represent his Anger, Fear, Sorrow, Envy, and even Joy. Each of these emotions has their own color-coded, Void-tainted zone, called a Spiral, with unique visuals, NPCs, and combat based on that particular emotion. Completing objectives in these areas gives the player random, powerful boons called Decrees that you can build up indefinitely until… Thrax’s mood changes, and with it, the Spiral you’ll be challenging.

But this is Warframe, right? Where are the frames? They’re in the Undercroft, the only area in Duviri where Dominus Thrax’s hold wavers. This isn’t to say that the Undercroft has escaped the touch of chaos that envelopes the world above, though. You’ll find familiar foes here, mixed mindlessly together by the aforementioned chaos. Luckily, your Decrees from above still apply here and defeating these Warframe challenge zones restore a bit of calm and color to the world above.

Veteran players will be pleased to find that Steel Path missions will extend into Duviri. Completing your runs on Steel Path, the challenge mode in Warframe, will reward you with one of the many new Incarnon Adaptors that are coming to the game via the Incarnon Genesis System. These adaptors plug in to some of the less effective early game or unpopular weapons in Warframe, giving them powerful new abilities in the same vein as what we’ve seen in the Angels of the Zariman update.

And with that, the curtains closes on our sneak peek into what The Duviri Paradox has in store for us! But check in on April 26 for our full write-up and maybe an extra surprise— after you get your Duviri download going, of course!

All images courtesy of Digital Extremes