26 Jan 2020

Review: Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DX

I’ve noticed a trend of RPGs that take the classic formula and mix things up by making the focus of the game some job you’d usually foist off on an NPC. The Atelier series continues that trend, placing you in the shoes of an alchemist who must venture out into the world to acquire the
20 Jan 2020

Review: Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX

The overall Atelier franchise is another one of those long-running series that’s always felt a bit difficult to approach for me. It’s very clear at a glance that it is a series that has its own idea of how to handle JRPG standards like crafting, combat, social interactions, and so forth, and if you’ve never
9 Oct 2019

Review: Indivisible

Kickstarter has become a mainstay in recent years to launch development of new games, but many often forget just how long that development can take. Most of the time a project goes up on Kickstarter, work on the game is just beginning. It will likely take years before the fruits of one’s donation to the
15 Sep 2019

PAX West 2019 Hands-on: The Vale

How do you make a game stand out from the pack? What is it that you're going to do to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of titles released every year? What kind of gimmick are you going to use?
31 Aug 2019

PAX West 2019 Hands-on: Haven

On a quick stroll through this year's Indie Megabooth (although quick isn't the best term for it - the booth is notorious for crowds due to its size), I noticed there was one theme surprisingly prevalent in many of this year's selections: romance. Whether at the forefront or as a major backing element, love and romance seemed to be the name of the game for many indie titles presenting at this year's PAX.
11 Apr 2014

New Trailer for Bound By Flame Shows Off Fire-Fueled Combat

Earlier today, Spider Studios released a new trailer for its upcoming RPGĀ Bound By Flame. The trailer shows off the game’s three main classes and the fighting styles they bring to the table, creating what looks to be a heavily melee-focused action RPG style game. Also shown are typical genre systems such as skill trees and