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1 year ago

Review: No Straight Roads

So, do you like music? I think most would say yes, right? But then you get down to what kind of music. Do you like electronic? No? Well, this isn’t the game for you. Review over.
15 Feb 2020

Hardware Review: Gamo2 K28 Keyboard Style Controller

When you play rhythm games on consoles, what kind of controller do you use? Unless you’re shelling out the big bucks for arcade replica controllers, you’re likely using a regular gamepad or whatever wacky peripheral was specifically made for a particular game.
21 Oct 2019

Preview: Spin Rhythm XD

The thing about rhythm games is that from one perspective, they’re really simple to make; they just need a coherent sound and a solid control scheme. What makes it complicated is that those things are simple, not easy.
30 Apr 2019

Review: Tapsonic Bold

I, like many others, have never been much into playing mobile games. Trying to play a game on my phone's screen through disappointing speakers, while using touch controls that block said screen just through the use of them, has never appealed to me.
16 Mar 2019

Preview: Audica

Ever since the end of the Rock Band boom, developer Harmonix has become much more experimental in the games they produce. Aside from Rock Band 4, which they continue to support with updates and DLC, Harmonix has also jumped into board games, social games, and virtual reality.
10 Aug 2011

New Gaming Publisher In The House! … Mad Catz? Oh…

Over the years developing company Harmonix has gone through a lot of publishers, and a lot of ups and downs, not only internally but most typically when it comes to the publishers and companies they outsource to design their peripherals and print their software. Now, Mad Catz, formerly known exclusively for their work in peripherals