9 months ago

Review: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 has walked quite the rocky path. Following a launch burdened by myriad technical issues and negative player reception, the game has nevertheless soldiered on and steadily improved. I was lucky enough to miss out on a lot of egregious technical issues in my initial playthrough, and thus enjoyed my time
1 year ago

Review: Tchia

And…I’m back! It’s been about two months since we previewed Tchia, Awaceb’s open-world adventure game featuring its titular 13-year-old heroine, and man am I glad I didn’t have to wait long to fully experience this title. 
1 year ago

Review: Like a Dragon: Ishin!

What a difference a decade makes, huh? Before the release of Yakuza 0, the overall franchise was largely regarded as a niche that a handful of dedicated fans passionately latched onto since its inception. Because of that, it didn’t exactly make much business sense to release any spinoffs outside of Japan. Especially with how Dead
1 year ago

Preview: Tchia

My favorite types of games to write about are the ones that you can tell have been made with love. I know that sounds a little obvious, but not every game gives off that specific aura. Because of that, the ones that do tend to shine all the more. Tchia, a new open-world adventure title
15 Dec 2022

Preview: Forspoken

At least as far as pre-release reception is concerned, Forspoken has something of a hill to climb with its release. Despite flashes of an expansive open world and impressive-looking magical combat, the marketing focus highlighting protagonist Frey’s reactions to the world around her occupied a majority of discourse surrounding the game. Now, after being the
6 Dec 2021

Preview: ELEX II

In October of 2017, German developer Piranha Bytes asked a question: “What would an open-world RPG that mixed worldbuilding elements of both fantasy and science fiction look like?” The provided answer to this question was ELEX, an acronym representing the words Eclectic, Lavish, Exhilarating, and Xenial.
28 Sep 2021

Review: Lost Judgment

I think it’s pretty well known by now that SEGA is none too shy about how much they’re leaning into all aspects of the Yakuza franchise. Which is great, because lately the main franchise and now the Judgment side of things were supposed to have split off into two separate playstyles. Last year’s Yakuza: Like
14 Sep 2021

Review: Rustler

Back in March of 2021, I took a look at a neat little game. Something of a parody on the earlier Grand Theft Auto games, the game trades a modern city for a humorous interpretation of a medieval setting, while keeping a modern (and coarsely-worded) take on much of the dialogue, story, behaviors and activities.
4 Apr 2020

Review: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected [Switch]

I think the mood of Saints Row IV can be summed up by a moment early on where I, an aggressively British President of the USA, was demolishing a block party of aliens by kicking them in the nuts so hard they flew over the horizon while Stan Bush’s “The Touch” blared over the radio.
13 Mar 2020

Review: Yakuza 4 Remastered

Let’s be honest here. Were it not for writing for Gamer Escape, I probably wouldn’t have fell as hard for the Yakuza franchise as hard as I did after I started off with 0 and had the chance to review Kiwami afterwards. Mind you, it’s obviously not my first exposure to open world games or
22 Feb 2020

Hands-on with Maneater

At E3 2018, at the PC Gaming Show, Tripwire Interactive took the stage to show off a new game that was just a little bit different than their past work. Known for FPS series such as Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, the studio decided they wanted to tackle a new genre: the open-world RPG. Or,