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4 months ago

Review: Arcadian Atlas

If you’ve been reading my reviews for the past several years, you have probably been able to figure out certain things about me, and one of those things is that I am still pining for a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. The two that we technically got were both worse in terms of writing, mechanics,
10 months ago

Review: Mahokenshi

As a game reviewer, I often have a number of coverage offers in my inbox. I don’t specifically look at or choose them with any expectation that they are going to be good (or bad), but I do notice when a particular game is trying to stand out with a particular feature or concept to
11 months ago

Review: Kandria

Let me start with an anecdote: Kandria, on both its official website and right as the first thing on its Steam page, proudly boasts that the game has zero ability gating and you can go anywhere you want right from the start of the game. The same blurb expresses glee that finally, you will be
1 year ago

Review: NeverAwake

It’s October, and you know what that means! It’s time to splash just a little bit of horror into all of our favorite things. That and pumpkin spice, but that’s not important right now. Today we’re looking at NeverAwake, a nightmarish twin-stick shooter by developer Neotro Inc and published by Phoenixx, where you help a
28 Mar 2022

Review: Nightmare Reaper

Let me tell you, one of the best feelings of being a reviewer is when you get your first impressions of a title from screenshots, video, and early release info… and you’re wrong. See, the thing is (and this is a deep secret of being a game reviewer) that when you’ve played a lot of
15 Oct 2021

Review: Bonito Days

Everyone likes a good simple party game, you know? Something where explaining the mechanics are super easy to break down and get right to the fun part can really do wonders to liven up a gathering. I’ve probably lost count of how many times I’ve proposed firing up a session of some Jackbox game during
13 Apr 2021

Review: Demon Skin

Discovering a new game can be such a gamble sometimes. Sure, you have tags and store page descriptions, but every publisher is putting their best foot forward and emphasizing their strengths while downplaying their weaknesses, stretching the truth just a little bit. Or on occasion, stretching it a lot. Today we’re looking at Demon Skin,
21 Jan 2021

Review: Ocean’s Heart

Their massive success over the years has made it difficult to call indie games niche, but they are certainly still playing catch-up to their AAA counterparts. Still, titles like Stardew Valley, Hades, Minecraft, have managed to thrive despite coming from smaller developers. What generally stood out about them was either their vibrant worlds, charming characters,
30 Jul 2020

Review: Fight Crab

There’s nothing quite like Fight Crab. Of that, I am certain. But this is a case where both words and emotions, to some degree, fail me. So I’ll just have to muddle through and see if I can arrange words in a way that can describe this game. Are you ready? Let’s go! All right,
13 Jun 2020

Review: Song of Horror

Horror really is one of the most popular genres in the indie scene, and it’s easy to see why. Fear is such a visceral reaction that sticks with a player years after they’ve stopped playing. It allows for telling tales a bit more complicated than the usual fight against evil. It relies on the unseen
30 May 2020

Review: Touhou Mechanical Scrollery

Touhou is perhaps my favorite series I’ve never played. It’s hard to have even a passing familiarity with the top-down shooter genre without hearing of the beatiful and deadly curtains of bullets the series is known for and the brutal difficulty it can reach. Part of the reason is the creator’s encouragement of fangames, resulting
20 May 2020

Review: Neversong

Tackling the death of youthfulness and mental health through the lens of an eerie physiological narrative might seem like a tall task for any game. But it’s something that the teams at Serenity Forge and Atmos Games decided to tackle head-on with their new title, Neversong, launching on May 20th, 2020 on Steam. This side-scrolling
15 May 2020

Review: Tales from Off-Peak City Vol. 1

I love the indie scene, positively adore it. It’s an endless stream of ideas too off the wall for mainstream publication. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but more often than not they leave something with you.
22 Apr 2020

Review: The Shattering

If there’s one genre the indie scene loves to cover, it’s psychological horror. The unsettling journey into a deranged psyche allows disquieting and surreal imagery that touches on something deep within us, and as they’re by nature weird and experimental it’s something the AAA industry rarely covers. Today we’re covering The Shattering, brought to us
29 Aug 2019

Review: Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

These days, modern day and retro-styled platformers have seen quite a bit of a comeback. In between modern remakes and reimaginings of established franchises, indie titles that have made a serious impression on me (looking at you Cuphead), and new titles that feel comfortable in their own skin, I was feeling pretty good about the direction this genre is going.
15 Oct 2018

Review: The Midnight Sanctuary

Open the Floodgates How often do you look at games that release in Japan, hoping and praying that they’ll eventually make their way west? Games that look intriguing or exciting, but, for one reason or another, nobody decides to localize it, so you’ll never get to play it?
8 Sep 2018

Review: Freedom Planet [Switch]

Break Out of the Mold When it comes to entertainment media, creators are often asked what influenced them in their creations (a question which I’m guilty of asking often during interviews…). Did another person’s works help guide their thoughts, or maybe a specific movie or game struck an idea in their head.
7 Feb 2013

Indie Digital Distribution Site Shiny Loot Enters Beta

Shiny Loot– a digital distributor that focuses on indie titles for PC, Mac, and Linux has gone into beta today for those with invitations codes. The site features a trait system that allows you to find not just a specific game, but games that contain the components you want. The feature allows for an element
28 Sep 2011

Humble Bundle: FROZEN SYNAPSE Now Live!

Yet once again Humble Bundle has released another bundle. Well, this one isn’t a bundle. It’s a single game; Frozen Synapse to be specific. Those who donate more than the $4.37 average will also gain access to the previously released Frozenbyte Bundle back from April of this year. So if you missed out, now is the time! [The