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23 Mar 2020

Review: Exit the Gungeon

Some game concepts do not weather a format shift very well. Enter the Gungeon was something of a darling with reviewers when it arrived; it was a top-down dungeon bullet-hell roguelike, a potent blend of different ideas that sounds like it should have been a shambling, mismatched mess but wound up being a clean and
6 Aug 2019

Review: Metal Wolf Chaos XD

From the Archives What is there to say about Metal Wolf Chaos XD? It has achieved a level of cult status rarely seen in video games. Even I had heard of it, and I’m not a huge fan of either Japanese games or mech combat. As I started downloading the game I began to wonder
22 Jun 2019

E3 2019 Hands-on: Fall Guys

Some studios are breaking the Battle Royale idea down to its most basic level...Developers Mediatonic are going their own way with the genre, applying these mechanics to something much different: a wacky game show.
21 Jun 2019

Review: My Friend Pedro

We have bullet time, we have guns and explosives, we have fruit! You know what that means: it's time to strap on your gimp mask and reconnect with your imaginary friend from childhood, because there are criminals to take down.
30 May 2019

Review: Gato Roboto

What do you want to accomplish when you're creating a game? Do you want to make a splash, create something that moves a genre (or the industry) forward, and is full of innovation? Or would you rather take an existing formula, put a personal touch on it, and just do it really really well?
18 Apr 2019

Review: Katana Zero

The talk of the town in the gaming community recently is difficulty. Should games offer different difficulty levels to appease less-skilled or less-abled players? Would doing so compromise a developer's "vision?" Do games have to be hard to be fun?
13 Dec 2018

Review: Gris

Shock to the Senses Have you ever come across a piece of art that just immediately strikes you as something special? Something that reminds you of your love for the medium as soon as you lay your eyes on it? That’s the feeling I had immediately after going hands on with the demo of Gris