5 days ago

Review: Children of the Sun

Every once in a blue moon, an upcoming game release will immediately grab my attention. Be it a snappy title, a striking visual style, or an intriguing gameplay mechanic, any combination of them are more than enough to drive me to take a closer look at a game. On even rarer occasions, a new release
2 weeks ago

Review: Pepper Grinder

When we first saw Pepper Grinder trailers in our work chat, I immediately responded with a tongue-in-cheek nod to a classic movie joke: “This summer, Dig Dug is back, and this time it’s personal!” Which is easily the first mood you can get out of the promotional trailers. This is a game in which you
3 months ago

Review: Reigns: Three Kingdoms

On some level, Reigns is a concept that you are either on board with or not. It’s a pretty simple game in concept, at least; you are presented with an ongoing slew of decisions, and for each one you either swipe left or swipe right. There’s more to it than that, but it’s at once
4 months ago

Review: KarmaZoo

As I’ve spent the past several years as a reviewer, I’ve increasingly grown to think of games as broadly belonging to one of two categories. The first category are games that basically wear their hearts on their sleeves. Within the first half-hour you have seen most of the game’s core loop and ideas, and you
7 months ago

Review: Gunbrella

Christopher Hastings created the character of Dr. McNinja when he just chose that as a forum user name on the Something Awful forums, and then he did art of the character stating that he was available for anyone who needed the services of a doctor or a ninja. Later, he had to give the character
8 months ago

Review: The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Back in April I’d covered a preview of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, and found myself immediately fascinated by it. Coming from an established publisher and developer and dealing with occult matters in a fleshed out fantasy world, it was just a taste of something that promised to be far greater. So how could I turn down checking out the finished deal?
10 months ago

Review: Bleak Sword DX

Earlier this year I was pleased to preview Bleak Sword DX. Now it’s out, I finally got a chance to sit down with the finished game. With a striking aesthetic and dark fantasy vibe, it left a strong impression back then, and I was super eager to see where it went from there. Let’s see
12 months ago

Preview: The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

I’ve always been a fan of the occult. Fortune telling, folk magic, fell creatures from beyond, a world lurking just beyond our own. So when I saw Devolver was publishing a new game all about these themes, of course I was interested. The developers, Destructeam, are no newcomers either, having made Gods Will Be Watching
1 year ago

Preview: Bleak Sword DX

When I saw that Devolver was publishing another nostalgic 8-bit inspired game, I must admit it caught my attention. I’ve generally been a huge fan of the games they support such as last year’s Cult of the Lamb, and I’m always a sucker for games with a strong aesthetic choice. So, of course I had
12 Aug 2022

Review: Cult of the Lamb

Last month we previewed Cult of the Lamb and I left off eager to see how its combination of roguelike dungeon crawling and base building held up in the full game. Now that I’ve had a chance to sit down with it properly, it’s time to see where it’s held up and where cracks have
9 Jul 2022

Preview: Cult of the Lamb

It’s not often that I love a game at first glance, but I’ve always been a fan of that “dark cute” aesthetic. Of taking absolutely cute and saccharine critters and putting them in a situation that’s more than a little bit messed up. That contrast of something that wouldn’t look out of place in a
5 May 2022

Review: Trek to Yomi

In March, I had the chance to play the opening pair of chapters from Trek to Yomi, an action game developed by Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog with Devolver Digital taking up publishing duties. It acts as a love letter to Japanese cinema of the 1950s and 60s, an appreciation that clearly led to
6 Apr 2022

Review: Weird West

Few games have been as much of a roller coaster for me as Weird West. What first caught my attention was the developer, Wolfeye Studios, being made of former Arkane Studios developers. Weird West is also an immersive sim just like Arkane’s previous titles Dishonored and Prey, but this time departing from the usual first-person
18 Mar 2022

Preview: Trek to Yomi

The melding of videos games and cinema is a tall order. It’s a difficult fusion that developers the world over have attempted to reach from the moment that games became something more than simple shapes sliding across a black background, and to varying degrees of success. Trek to Yomi, a game in development by Leonard
28 Feb 2022

Review: Shadow Warrior 3

While Devolver Digital is known for publishing everything from the quiet and emotional Gris to the gory and violent Carrion, the publishing studio itself is known for having a snarky, off-kilter sense of humor. Watching any of their E3 “press conferences” is a quick way to see what the studio is about (and a rabbit
4 Nov 2021

Preview: Weird West

If you’ve been a semi-casual Gamer Escape reader this past summer (which you should be, duh), you’ve probably come across our past coverage of Weird West, a top-down cel-shaded action RPG developed by some of the core staff behind Arkane Studios and games such as Dishonored. Published by Devolver Digital, it drew me in since
18 Oct 2021

Review: Inscryption

I’ve never really been much into tabletop card games. If you don’t count the couple years in college I lost my life to Magic: The Gathering, that is (and I don’t remember much of that time, considering that was right around when I turned 21…). Setting that specific time aside, tabletop card games just never
1 Aug 2021

Weird West is Sleek, Stylish, and Set for Success

When Weird West was first announced at The Game Awards 2019, I was cautiously optimistic. An action RPG developed by the collective headed by the original creators of Dishonored and Arkane Studios, all while being published by Devolver Digital? It sounded way, way too good to be true.
30 Jun 2021

Preview: Death’s Door

You get to run around as an adorable crow slaying monsters ten times your size with a glowing red sword, do I REALLY need to say anymore? But if that sentence failed to convince you, allow me to regale you with the my full experience for Death’s Door, releasing July 20, 2021 for Xbox systems
27 Apr 2021

Preview: Boomerang X

Is it possible to fall in love with a difficulty curve? One of my favorite things about games is how different they can feel from start to finish, how things that seemed hard become trivial and what was once impossible is within your grasp. I had a chance to sit down with Boomerang X, a