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Greetings FINAL FANTASY XIV fans! Fernehalwes here with some photos of Yoshida-san straight from the Japan Expo 2013 currently being held in Paris, France. After a morning filled... Read More

What’s in a Name?

Greetings everyone! Fernehalwes here! OMG!!!!!!1!!! It’s less than two weeks until the launch of the third phase of the beta test!!!!!!!1!!!11!1! OMGUBITB’IBi567’&ri6r76vB&r6rfUfr676r’IR&!B!&R!BBR&!BR!1 Yes, but you didn’t come here... Read More

In the Sack

Howdy-ho! Fernehalwes here typing out today’s blog with fingers sticky from the honey-dijon rice chips I’m eating for brunch. What’s brunch, you say? I’ve been told it’s not... Read More