Check, Please

Cheers all!

Fernehalwes here.

This morning, Yoshi-P was back in the office (hale and hearty) after a week in Paris promoting ARR at the Japan Expo. Unfortunately for him, there was a mountain of work piled up on his desk, waiting approval. Such is the hard-knock life of a producer/director…

Checking new posters (and making sure the raised gold lettering is raised to producer/director standards)


Listening to the Before Meteor soundtrack in stunning 5.1 surround (BUY ONE NOW! ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE!)


Pondering over design documents (while trying to ignore the #$&#$&ing awesome view of Tokyo behind you)


Wait… Design documents…?

Hey! Yoshi-P! Look over there at the #$&#$&ing awesome view of Tokyo behind you!





4 thoughts on “Check, Please

    1. Nothing is ‘wrong’ with it, people have different bows in their arms and legs -_- duh

    2. lol I knew a girl that could do that… still freaks me the heck out

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